Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Memories abound me..

 Treated myself to the movies yesterday after house cleaning
for three days…. yep, three days…
As much as I love this house, takes a long time to clean..
Anyhoo, back to topic.
I have been wanting to see AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTY
It's full of famous faces,
Meryl Streep, Julia Robertson, Abigail Breslin.
I am the only one there until an older lady and 
her much older mother walks in.
I hear the daughter speaking to her mom,
"Hold on to the rail Mom, until your eyes get used
to the light"
'Take your time"
 Instinctively  I put my popcorn down to help.
They are appreciative as I guide her to her seat.
So much I want to say…
"Enjoy this day"
"Appreciate your mom"
"Take her to the movies, casino, Bingo,
whatever she likes"
"Tell her you love her…"
I say none of these things.
I only watch and for a bit, envy,
I go back in my memory to a time when my Mommy
lived with me and the babies were still under my care.
Many Sundays, we would go to church, get lunches
from Randolph's, fried chicken with gumbo included
and after eating, head to the Palace in Houma for a 
movie. The kiddo's loved these Sunday's so did Mom.
For me, some of my favorite times.
It was a great movie, and I wasn't even bothered
by the elderly woman's questions to her daughter.
It made the movie better.
Our Mommy loved the movies, glad we did it often.

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