Sunday, March 30, 2014


They knew his death was inimint and yet,
the Rousse family is facing another death of
a dear loved one.
Myron Rousse will be laid to rest on Tuesday.
Myron is the older brother of my brother in law, TEd,
the Uncle's to my dear nephews, Arthur and Kris.
As my sister, C said when she lost her father in law
last year, this family has been hers for longer than
they were not. As it is with DTB (down the bayou) people,
many are affected when one of our own dies.
Myron has had a long, long illness with liver disease
and now, now his pain is done, his life of medicines
and doctors and hospital's. He has seen the face of 
Our Lord and he is basking in His Glory….
and yet, we, his family, his friends are left in this
world with an adjustment ahead, how to live without 
a man who so many of us loved.
Just as I wrote when Mr. Menton, Myron's Dad died,
this family, when my sister C married into their fold,
 didn't just take C on as one of theirs but they
looked at our whole family as part of their family now.
There have been many, many family gatherings in the
last 32 years that had our two families together.
Myron also did much for our little community we call DTB
as if there was a party that needed a cook, especially if
it was for charity, there you would find Myron with his
trailer hitch carrying his outdoor kitchen to cook, visit
and raise money for the less fortunate. It is hard
to think of tail gating without thinking of Myron.
His cooking has been written about and won awards,
His cooking also has had him stand near famous Louisiana
chefs such as Frank and MaryClaire Davis.
      Many friendships have been made through Myron's cooking.
There is then, Myron's dear Mother, Mrs. Rose.                                                                   
C texted us sisters that she has seen in the eyes
of her Mother-in-law, Ms. Rose, Myron's mom,
what we Collins family saw in the eyes of our own Mother
when we lost our brother. That pain that only a Mother
who has lost a child knows. I pray for peace for Ms. Rose as
I know no one suffers more than a Mother who has lost her
child. His children, Mark and Myles as well as their own
families are also preparing to bury their Dad, a man who
showed them the correct way to father, he has done a great job
there. Then there is Trudy. Trudy has taught us all what marriage
vows mean. When we recite those words,
"In better or worse, richer or poor,  in sickness and health.."
we rarely think of the sickness part when we say them.
Trudy has shown us all what that one sentence means 
She has never left his side over these years as Myron's condition
worsened. She is a wife in it's truest form and many of us
could learn from her. So, once again, I ask for prayers
for my sister, C and her second family, the Rousse's.
They are in for a few rough days ahead.
Love to you all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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