Tuesday, May 27, 2014

K and K wedding...

A K and K wedding montage.
No order to any of them.
My sister, C married off her youngest son to
a wonderful gal, Kaylee who we have known her entire
life. Two great families now blended into one.
Me and my sister, c below..
she was so purty….
 This gal, my godchild, NeeNee, funny one right here.
Loves her Nannie, always asking to come to my house.
Soon little gal, soon you can come and hang out with me.
 Sister Veronica,
She was 16 when I was born and I am only a few years
older than her oldest child, she treated us like her own.
Us younger sisters would be lost without her,
 Then there is my oldest sister, Taunt Mone as we
all know her as. She was 23 when I was born,
still a "Kicken Chicken"
 Me and the best lil granddaughter.
HUgh was into photo bombing that night so
bear with
I am so glad that BB and Kd allowed me
to bring Bean with me, was so much fun with her.
 MY niece, Tiffy known to all as BEDa.
She may be my niece but we definitely were raised as
sisters, only two years apart.
 My great niece, Lucy,
My niece, Rebecca's oldest daughter.
This child, beginning EDW next school year,
everything she touches turns to gold.
She is growing into such a fine young lady.
So much like her Mommy.
 Another godchild, TEdi.
Going to be a senior this next school year.
Where has the time gone???
Yes, and Hugh doing his photo bombing again.
This child makes me proud every day.
Owen, sweet Owen,
another of my Rebecca's children.
He loves his Aunt Lil.
Not one for showing much love he does so with me
ever since he spent a few days with me this last summer.
Now constantly remembers and speaks of things we did
on that visit. Always asking to come back.

Ellen, sweet Ellen, the last 
of Rebecca and Miki's children and for sure,
the baby of the family.
Already going to second grade.
A red head cutie.

 Well here she is, the niece Rebecca.
the bond we have is one that is very special.
I was 10 when she was born.
She was always like a baby doll to me.
Many summers I was her babysitter so we both
have many memories of that.
She is the very best Mother to these four children she has.
Calm demeanor, and will never hear a will word spoken
of any of her babies.
 And here is her "babies daddy"
the two of them, make a dynamic team.
I cannot tell you what these two mean to me
with the way they nurture my gypsy baby.
She goes to these two often with her hurts and problems,
I never have to worry about them steering her wrong.
 okay, so I don't know what Hugh and TEdi-girl are doing here,
but they are cute.
Cousins, they remind me of gypsy baby and Kris growing up
as they are such good friends.
 Bean loves her big girl cousins,
not so much her boy cousins.
She tells me often that TEdi'girl is 
"So precious"
yep those are her words.
 Another great niece, ABby.
My nephew Guy and his wife Lisa's only child.
She is one of those girls that never ceases to amaze us.
Every day she is more beautiful.
She loves her auntie Lil….
 As there is no order to these pics,
here is a pic of the bride and groom,
Kand K
Kris, being only a few months younger than gypsy baby,
he was like my own growing up until we moved to 
Thibodaux. they were inseparable and many thought
he was my child, gypsy's brother when they were young.
Our extended family, we have been blessed with many
wonderful offspring but I have to say, out of all
my Mommy's grandchildren, great grandchildren,
our Kris is the sweetest. He is funny, cute but 
so darn sweet, loves to talk of old times and
always, always smiling. So proud of him.
He will make Kaylee one happy girl as she will
never have to worry about much.
Then there is Kaylee.
Here she is with her Mommy and Daddy.

We have known her forever as he big
brother, Case and BB were best of friends growing up.
AS the bayou is famous for, everyone knowns everyone.
her parents, Todd and Dolly are only a few years 
older than me. The circle goes on and on with the
ways we have all crossed paths over the years.
Now, we can forever call them family with the union
of these two kiddo's.

Next few pictures are from rehearsal, told
you there was no order to these pictures.
Bean loves her friend, Lillian who is Kris cousin on his
dad's side. We have had so many gatherings with the
two families over the last few months so they have
become close. Also sweet because beam and Lillian's 
parents all went to school together. 
 How gypsy baby got out of all these pictures is amazing.
this is the only one I got of her and look at her telling me no.
This girl, so beautiful, so much her Mommy's shoulder to 
cry on lately. I will forever be grateful for she and her brother.
I hate that they are hurting but them rallying together to 
be there for me, is amazing.

 Above, another godchild/great niece, Cameron Riley Tamplain.
This girl, she can be a poster child for overcoming obstacles
to be happy. WE hate when we don't see each other for so long
like this last separation.
Will end with this sweet selfie of Bean and I, right
before we took a nap on wedding day.
This child got me through some rough days lately.
She is so good for her Mumsie, as well as so loving to me.
I honestly do not know where I would be today if it
were not for her and the birth of her baby sister.
They give me the courage to put a smile on my face
and play like there is no tomorrow.
Enjoy the picture montage
as real blogging begins again, tomorrow.

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