Wednesday, May 21, 2014


There is not better blessing than a new born baby.
 Today, we added our sweet J.Belle
to the Riera/Guilbeau family.
She is perfect and we are in love!
We make some pretty, pretty babies!

These are reasons why lilbit of my world must go on.
To share our happiness with  you who love us,
well, its a necessity, like air and water for me.
My son, what an honorable and perfect portrait of  what
a father is. My daughter, Gypsy, always there for Baby boy
when it counts, when it is needed. Her calm demeanor,
big dimpled smiles will always warm us.
Maw Maw and Poppy Guilbeau as excited as I was,
waiting for our sweet new addition we talk of 
what a blessing this is for our families.
Our Bean, so in love with her sister,
insisting she teach us how to hold her baby sister,
saying we were not sharing her unless she was holding 
J. Belle herself. Just cannot get enough of her.
Baby boy said she cried not to leave her baby sister and
her family this evening.
Then there is my most wonderful Daughter in law.
As I have said before, daughter in law is just not 
personal enough for how I feel about this woman.
I cannot thank her enough for taking such great care of
herself, for appreciating life as well as loving her baby girls.
Going through a major surgery to deliver our J. belle
healthy, to immediately nurture her newborn, 
begin breast feeding at the same time she was not feeling so well.
My dear little family,
never, ever forget how you both feel right now.
Look at each other and see what a gift each of you is to the other.
Be thankful that your relationship is one that
both of you are hands on parents.
When things get rough in life, never take the gift of
each other for granted because there is no gift
greater than the gift of family.
A motto I love:
you my dear baby boy, are a perfect example of that.
I am so very proud of the man you are.
And me?
Well I am basking in the glory of another 
sweet baby girl to call me Mumsie.
I am head over heels, once again, in love!

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