Friday, May 2, 2014

A child who is loved...

This morning, as I sit drinking coffee, I decide it
has been a while since I've posted old pictures 
to facebook. I love me some old memories.
I go ahead and begin downloading and call it
FFF- Family/fun Friday
As they are downloading I do one of my favorite things 
to do when looking at old pics.
I study the backgrounds, trying to embark old memories
that have slipped my mind.
The one below, taken in what we called the Utility Room.
It was always a mess, the washer and dryer were never brand new,
there was always clothes on the floor, well everywhere.
My Mommy and Daddy, they weren't big on keeping a 
neat home, more into letting their slew of kids and grandkids
play. So this utility room was one of our favorite places
to hang in. After the backgrounds, I study the people who 
are the subjects of the photos, namely ME!
Note the photograph below, I am in my nightgown.
I spent much of my time in PJ"S shoot, still do.
What really touches my heart though is my hair….
IT was always curly and unruly but someone took
the time to tie a pretty ribbon in my hair.
I don't know if it was Mommy or Daddy,
and older sibling perhaps, no matter who it was,
it's a sure sign of being loved. You see, being born the
last of many, to parents in their 40's and having
nieces and nephews also being born, my hair would
not have been something of importance especially on a day
that was a pajama day.
 This revelation has me looking through a few more
and again, the hair is fixed. Well, as much as you can fix
what was a very unruly head of hair.
Here, I am with my nephew Guy, all ready for my 6th grade 
band concert….
pig tails, My mommy made me pigtails.
 My communiton, the hair is a tad messy but my veil, oh
I was so ver proud!

My second grade hair, oh those curls and yet, someone
took the time to brush and add a barrette.
A girl has to grow up feeling loved when someone always
took the time to fix her hair.
It reminds me of when Bean was a baby and someone
jokingly teased KD about the big bows in Bean's hair.
KD's answer was, 
"The kids with the biggest bows are loved the most"
Much love in the childhood of this Mumsie

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