Thursday, July 31, 2014

A special child calls me Mumsie

Our Bean, we have always believed she is special.
Of course, she is ours so we think that.
She is also very normal.
She can be sassy, have temper tantrums, has the little
diva attitude, yet deep in her, she is special.
Now I know all think that of their grand babies.
I will give you today a "for instance" of why
she is so special to us.
She remembers my Momma.
She asks often about heaven and her Momma 
would like her not to worry about things such as this
because she is just three and a girl that age just should
not think of those types of things.
We had a Mumsie/Jilly night Geeze,  this baby girl
is so much fun, high strung and needs much attention
but that is what is great about the times she spends
with me and her MawMaw, she is the hit of the party 
and we let her call the shots.
So, we picked flowers and she made this bouquet.
She also loves helping me cook.
Oh but she must wear all her gear, her apron, her hat, her
glove, she has her own utensils, all pig inspired,
but really, she is so darn good about following cooking
directions but I have to admit, I heard at least hundred times,
"I want to do it!!! don't help me, Mumsie"
She is zoo freaking independent!

Even with all of this, here comes the real story
that will explain that out of the thousands of children
I have met over my years of school nursing, there are
very few that have this special thing about them.
Bean has this.
We were playing in her room and she came across
a framed picture of her and My Momma.
she asks,
"HEEYYYY Mumsie!! how did I get back from Heaven?"
I explain that was before Mommee went to Heaven whens hew as a baby.
"OOOHHHhh I changed the subject as her parents
don't want her worrying about death or Heaven she is
just too young.
My Mommy had this beautiful Mary statue holding
baby Jesus, I love it, it was given to her on her
90th bday by my dear aunt GaGald and my cousins
Fay and Dela, Bert and their families
I loved it the minute I saw it and always said,
"When she dies that thing is coming home with me and
it did. As I am dressing I hear Bean sitting on the
small box where Mary and Baby Jesus lives,
rocking them. I come out to check on her and
she has gone get Penny too because that is my favorite doll
and she has her Minnie Mouse she jacked from
her baby sisters car seat saying,
"But that is my favorite Momma"
I am dressing and she is just playing to her little hearts content.
We dress and leave for what I can say is the most
fun day we have had a Chuckie Cheese. It's the
first time we go just us and we both agreed it was fun.
On the way home she is tired but won't close her eyes.
"Mumsie, am I going home now?"
She had been at my house over 24 hours and was ready go home.
 "I miss my Mommy"
Not I miss my sister, my house, my room, my toys,
"I miss my Mommy"
I drop her off and Kd I am sooo sorry for teaching her
how to ring the bell and hide and run away.
I kiss and hug up on our sweet J.Belle
who laughs, coos, talks to me. She is just
the happiest baby ever.
I finally head home and there, in my room is this:
There, on the bench where she played while I dressed she
has left me a montage to comfort me
She worries a lot about her Mumsie.
Asks me always, if I am loney or sad,
"Nope my baby, I am not lonely or sad."
So back to my montage.
This three year old who will not be 3 and a half until
September. has taken my Mommy's pillow that she insistes
on sleeping on when sleeps here,  she has
taken my Mommys' mary and baby Joseph, and the Minnie
that is :her favorite" that she jacked from baby belle.
and my favorite doll, Penny and put them in
order in my room. Yet, it is the picture that gets me.
She has to think this through as that picture was
in her room, without me knowing, she went to her
room and got that picture and added it to her gift to me.
Sometimes I wish I knew what her little three year old
mind was thinking when she placed these things together.
And this is one of the many reasons why her Mother and I
think she is such a special child.
Again, normal three year Diva but the heart of gold.
thank you Bean, this made Mumsie's day.
(Permission from her Mommy for this blog)

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  1. Yes, Jilly Bean is a very special child!!!
    She is a sweetheart!!!