Sunday, November 30, 2014


We probably have all had those days where
you  make plans with little ones you love and
at the last minute plans change.
Such was the case yesterday.
Down the bayou, my great niece, Abby, who
is a Tarponette was having a Frozen day at her school
for little kiddo's to raise money for the organization.
I have been talking of it for at least a month.
Made the plans to bring Bean and little Lillian
with me for a fun filled day of Princesses.
I was as excited as they were. 
On Friday, Baby boy asked if I wanted Bean to go sleep
but I had plans to meet a friend at the movies
(saw dumb and dumber 2, was funny!)
and to eat out. I told him I may get in too late as
we had also made plans to fight the mall for 
shopping. Well, that didn't happen.
I was praying, say this is not happening,
I came home by 6 because of nausea.
Ate only two pieces of sushi after I had been
bragging how good it was.
I laid in bed, praying,
"Please, please, please, don't let this be a virus,
don't let this stop me from bringing my girls
to their princess day....
I fell asleep after taking two Phenergan and
fell asleep. At about 9:30, there was no denying it.
Vomiting and diarrhea. 
Yeah I know kind of gross, graphic but ugh
why, why, why, this day? I have not been sick
for so long, could not this pick a better day?
I text baby boy to say I don't see where i can drive
with the two little girls this sick.
I knew it would make Bean so sad, I know she was looking
forward to it as again, we had been speaking of it.
I was right, Baby boy let me know she was crying when
he told her. I then called Minta to tell, Lillian.
She said she would be all right.
So besides that yesterday, even though the virus had
me feeling like I was run over by a mac truck,
I cried more for letting those little girls down
and for letting Abby down as she was so looking forward
to spending the day with them.
How can you make up such a day?
I don't think you can.
I am glad that little children tend to be more forgiving
than us big adults.
Today, I am feeling better, not 100percent but good
enough to finally shop, get dressed and see the girls 
if BB is home.
WE have all had these days, but does not make this one

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