Thursday, January 30, 2014


1) to pass the winter in a resting state.
2) to be or become inactive or dormant.

This is what good old Websters defines hibernation as.
I understand why bears do it,
It seems to be what South Louisiana and other
Southern states has had to do for the last few days.
Having been down with a sinus infection myself,
I have hibernated the last three days.
I am not sure why I feel quilty on those days that
I just do nothing, well nothing that looks like work.
Yes, I made my bed when not laying in it and 
I kept my kitchen straightened up.
Cleaned after our pups, fed the fish,
but besides those daily chores, I did
nothing but play computer games, watch Netflix
and read, read, read.
Having been finally at the place in the New Year
that I can begin to make the changes I spoke of
called New Years' Resolutions,
I definitely fulfilled the one that said,
In today's fast paced life, I and I am sure others,
feel badly if we don't just do anything.
Having an "ACT OF GOD"
moment such as the last few days forces us 
to relax, slow down.
One quote I use most often is,
Hence, the freezing temperatures forced bridge and 
road closures, companies to close,
shoot even the casino closed, and aside from 
hospitals and Walmart, those casino's never close.
Today it will warm up, I am feeling much better 
but wow, those hibernation days were some good!

Monday, January 27, 2014


I was bullied. Back in my day it was called teasing.
While I was in Disney there was a down the bayou incident
of a child committing suicide leaving words saying he
could not take the bullying.
This has to stop, really it does.
Now there are words that the child himself was actually
one who bullied. Of course, an investigation is being
done and the school that I graduated from is under investigation.
They cannot speak up for themselves, it is against the
HIPPA laws. Those that can speak are saying
this child went to officials and "nothing was done".
Having been in the school system, maybe not enough
was done but to say nothing was done, I don't accept.
I know something was done, they just can't speak.
I am sorry for the family and the child, really I am.
But I am also sorry for all involved.
I can't speak much about what happened there.
But this teasing stuff, this social media has gotten carried
away in every way. I have family members who
have been bullied and they are pretty popular kids.
If they can be bullied then there is too much of it.
What bothers me is how many teens out there are
struggling with depression, sadness.
I know their world is so different from ours was.
I also believe the social media things they live with
has complicated their world way too much.
For me, my bullying/teasing consisted of
being called baldy when I first went to school after
cancer and my hair was growing back.
Then it proceeded to "bird nest" when the hair
grew back kinky and curly.
I was teased because of my teeth that were stained from chemo.
On the bus, one certain boy would take his lollipops and
hit the back on my head with it so it would stick
in my mound of hair.
What did I do? I laughed, I laughed and made fun
of myself. I laughed that is until I got off the bus,
turned my back to it and ran home to cry
in the comfort of my parents arms.
What helped me? It was one small thing my daddy
told me many days:
"Lilly, it does not matter what the world thinks of you,
when you enter this house, you are loved"
That is it, that was enough to give me the courage to face the
next day, to laugh with them.
Eventually, because it didn't seem to bother me,
I was not the target.
I am embarrassed to say there were others after me and
sometimes I tried to stick up for them but mostly I 
was relieved that it was not me anymore.
I can't say how I would have reacted if I would have had
Facebook and instagram. I have a feeling that because
we were not rich and my parents were older we may 
not have had that and so I would have been protected.
I would not want to be a child of today and I guess
I want to say to all those kiddies, especially those I love,
my nieces and nephews, my teens who are important to me,
"Try and laugh at it, speak with your parents, if it gets to be
too much, be brave to ask your parents for help, counseling.
It helps to speak to someone who does not love you who
can give you advice and a plan to make your life a little easier.
For me, the love and words of my parents and family were enough.
I speak aloud now to teens about bullying.
If they can see me now, vocal and outgoing, admitting to 
being bullied, I hope that helps them.
It has to stop before more children are found dead.
I pray for peace for all involved, the parents and family of the
young man, but the school and those involved also.
Keep an open mind as this incident unfolds.
If you are one who bullies, STOP!
Stop now, you don't want to be labeled in that way.
If you are being bullied, try the laugh technique and
cling to your friends who love and care for you.
May peace be with all the children and families of the world today.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


 The sista's decided we wanted to do something for Kaylee.
KK is marrying our Kris.
She is a planner, she is organized, she
was coming this weekend to make wedding things.
Her Mommy was in on the surprise.
The sista's showed up early afternoon,
KK and Dolly later in the evening.
A surprise weekend for our girl and we cannot
completely tell how this is turning out
and yet no one deserves this better.
 We did good sista's….

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Magic of Disney still exists

We, gypsy baby and I, arrived back home last night
pretty late. It was a magical trip, just me and my daughter.
My adult daughter. The things I received there are
not those I call souvenirs. Yes, I brought some of those
home also. I speak today of the memories, the bond
that has been made stronger because of a week
with just my youngest child and I.

The adult she has become is phenomenal.
She has become a conversationalist. She
can spark a conversation with anyone and she does.
There are some things lines at Disney World are good for.
One would be for meeting new people. 
We did much of that. To hear her conversations
with complete strangers was like hearing myself.
For that, I am proud, proud.
We shared a bedroom for a week.
I waking up very early to go to front
lounge, get my coffee watch the people,
she to await my return with the weather forecast,
for how to dress. Her younger self would have
probably complained, not the grown gypsy.
Overprotective of my health, she carried
my bags, slowed down her walk, helped
me up when I had to sit, gave me her hand
when I needed help off of rides.
Did she learn this by watching me care for
my own mother or is it the nurturer in her?
It doesn't matter, it is there.
She would become upset when she would see
parents become upset with their children,
helpful when an older person needed it.
Sometimes she shares that she hopes to have a child
one day and at other times she fears she is too 
selfish to have a child. No my sweet child, 
I see you look at children, you will be a 
wonderful Mother… that child will come first.
I have gained things I would have not had
I not taken this trip. In her busy life, a life
where she holds two jobs, there is not much time
for hanging out. Love that we had this time together.
I missed her the first morning I awakened and we
were not sleeping in bed beside each other.
I have posted this Carol Burnett song before 
but never has it been more fitting than now.
Thank you, my baby girl, I will remember this time forever.
When I am an old lady, memories of now will fill
my long, long days.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Sometimes I will talk to my kiddies about things
I write on the blog. I usually start the conversation with,
"Did you read the blog today?"
Both get just a tad flustered each time and say,
"Mom, I don't read your blog"
I bet on those days they wish they had lied.
Because now I have to go into a detailed long story
on what I wrote about….
They roll their eyes…. most times.
Or they cut me off, or they listen…sometimes
but less often. Yet I watch them as adults and
I see so much of me in them when they let me.
I hear Baby Boy talking to the painter of his new
home as I walk around and beam with pride of
the home he and KD are building.
He says a lot to the painter. More than necessary.
He explains how his wife works nights and they
have a little girl so it would be hard for him to paint the home.
He is proud of his little family, throws them in his
conversations every chance he gets.
He may not even notice he does this and yet,
I smile because that is something I would do.
I watch him with his little girl, our Bean and
I see a lot of me there. His gentleness when brushing 
her hair,making her ponytails. He sometimes speaks
of how I had to brush gypsy baby's hair each morning
long after necessary. I joke with him one morning
before we knew they wete having a Jolee' and 
he was fixing Bean's hair,
"I bet you wishing for a boy so you don't have to do 
His answer, with brush in hand and rubber band in mouth,
"I like doing ponytails"
Well that definitely didn't come from his Daddy genes.
A boy who is so much like his daddy has much of his
mommy in him also. I am proud.
Then there is my gypsy baby. 
More like me as she matures.
She calls me yesterday to say one of her customers
had the name Minta and she had to explain how
that was her grandmothers name and her cousin.
The customer was surprised saying she had never met another
with the name. I would do that…
She also shared last week that with her job, she 
finds herself with extra time to get to know her customers.
Loves talking to them and finding out about their lives.
She adds, "I am turning in to you."
Dont' know if she is happy about that but I sure am.
Because I know long after I am gone, I will live on.
I will live in the mind and hearts of my children
and I will live in the Bean who shares a love
for all things mini, for arts and crafts, 
for being together.
Yes, my kids don't read this, but it's okay,
I have made my mark in their lives, 
I have made my mark in their hearts.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Does true love really exist?  We here at Slightly Viral like to think so.  Thanks to an amazing user over at Imgur, we received these amazing photos.
We love to see couples like this stay together for many years.  You know they’ve had hard times but they stuck it out.  And from the looks of these photos, sticking it out was worth it!
True love never gets old…

Such a great and honorable photo…





She kept getting on and off the scale…this went on for 7 minutes!

Who says SeaWorld is just for kids?

She lost her memory and he was re-teaching her to read…

Even if love gets separated, there’s always a way back…
These are photos of love.  Real love.  Ridiculous, inconvenient, can’t live without each other love.

This article speaks for itself, needs nothing for me and yet,
i want to say….. I want this… we all do….
we just don't know how to ask for it.
Does it come by sticking together
or by both being committed to something that takes work?
Whatever, it takes, it is what I want in years to come.
Hoping HOBL feels the same way.

Monday, January 13, 2014


HOBL has decided over the last few months
that we should see our children enjoy things 
with his earned money rather than saving it until we die.
This is a big deal when it comes to HOBL.
When he first said this, I really didn't believe he
would go through with it.
For years, I had been saying,
"Wouldn't you rather see the kiddo's enjoy the money
while we are alive"
I don't know what sparked his change in heart but
he and BABY BOY went on a hunting trip in Texas
bringing back 4 deer that is now part of our freezer.
He told gypsy and I to plan a trip to Harry Potter and Disney.
We leave on the 16th, just days away and we are soooo
excited and appreciative. Neither of us would be able to do
this without his help. Which brings me to the title of 
this blog. Yesterday, he and I are driving to go see
the new Riera home and he asks where are gypsy and I
planning to go next year for our vacation.
I explain that we are thinking New York and how
much I would love to take TEdi-girl because she is
graduating and want to do something very special for her.
Then HOBL pipes up, 
"I will pay her way, she has always been so sweet to me,
always paid attention to me and she is a good girl"
I am so proud of him, so excited for her.
I insist we call her right now. She has had some
rough few months, my Tedi-girl and this I know will
make her day, her week, possibly her year.
We call her on the car speaker because I want HOBL
to be the one to tell her.
I am so happy she answers on the very first few rings.
HOBL tells her his surprise and why he has decided to 
do this for her. I believe at first she is in shock!
Then the excitement comes and she must say thank you to
her Uncle Ronnie about 10 times.
I am so excited for her, for us,
She, gypsy baby, and I in New York, it will never be the same.
We text many times over the course of the evening.
Her Mom and her Granny text how excited she is, beaming
and I am so proud that HOBL can give her this.
Tedi-girl, she loves, loves, loves the CAkE BOSS.
I tell her we going to go and she about flips.
I love it when a person gets as excited as I about something.
Thank you HOBL, none of us could go there without you
helping us. You should be very proud of the happiness 
you have brought to one little girl,
well three little girls to be exact!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


LEO - The Lion (July 23 to August 22) 
Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Usually happy but when unhappy tend to be grouchy and childish. A Leo's problem becomes everyone's problem. Most Leos are very predictable and tend to be monotonous. Knows how to have fun. Is really good at almost anything. Great kisser. Very predictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive. Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Good when found.

It's a new year, many are posting on Facebook resolutions
and horoscopes for the year.
My cousin Becky Wilke posted a list of horoscopes.
I am not a believer of such things but it is always fun to read them,
to see how accurate they are.
Well, this one surely can have my name right under it!
Don't know if others would say a "great" talker but they
would all agree with the talker part.
Don't know about attractive, but cute, perhaps.
Passionate? When it comes to things I collect,
make, I am definite passionate about those things.
Oh this is me to a TTTTT
The kids still tease me about the time we were
driving home from a vacation. HOBL didn't want to stop
for the night and I wanted a bed to sleep in, NOW!
Each hotel he would stop at, he would come back saying
it was too expensive. I lost it, started screaming, hitting
the windshield with my feet, like a two year old having 
a temper tantrum. This was only one of the many times
I have went into a "second childhood" phase.
Oh would baby boy agree with the monotonous part!
He is always saying, "you told me that hundred times, lilly"
Okay, this is going to sound conceited but I do know how
to have fun. Stick around me and even staying home in your
pj's will be fun. Very seldom will the words bored and lilly 
be heard in the same sentence.
(yay, me! hahahahah)
I wouldn't say at anything, but the things I like to do,
like scrapping, cross stitching, writing, cooking, baking,
I am pretty good at. Also, pretty good about finding
some deals and bragging about them.
This one I don't know about…. maybe HOBl could
say so but I would rather not comment on this one…lol
 Ummmm yes, it is why this chronic pain stuff I hate
because I am one who you can mark your calendar to my words.
Well, you could before pain issues. IT is the one thing I 
hate the most about pain. Having to change plans I have
made because of bad days. It is unlike me to say I will
do something and then have to change plans.
However, if I promise you something, I will get it to you.
Me, NEVER!!! hahahhha oh is that word one you can use for me.
Loud…. me? Another that both BB and HOBL will attest to.
I wish had a quarter for every time they tell me to lower my octave,
inside voice, all those other statements they use in relation to my 
loudness. Addictive? Only about my collections and my hobbies.
IT is probably why I am still with my HOBL, my 
high school sweetheart, why when my relationships go
awry, I am saddened by it. I always want to try and make 
it right and have a hard time when the one who I am 
having the difficulty with doesn't want to make it better.
hmmmm…. not sure about this one….(sarcasm, cough cough)
this is one horoscope I have to say is pretty accurate.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Be patient while I set up this scenario.
I want to see the new movie with Meryl Streep 
and Julia Roberts. I can't even remember the name,
it is not important. What is important is that
it was only playing at the Cinemark theater at Perkins Rowe
and I was right on time to buy a ticket.
What else is important is that I didn't expect it
to be sold out. I am left there with a half hour
to spare before the second movie I chose to see,
(which by the way is very good!)
I decide to wait outside for a bit because
something is happening out there and being the
nosy person I am, I have to see.
People, about 150 of them are lining up on either side
of the theater exit door. There is a three piece band
there and there is a camera man there.
I try and think what is going on in BR today.
I had heard on the radio of a modeling casting in
town so I tap a woman on the shoulder, and
ask if this is for a modeling cast.
Then she fills me in.
"No, my nephew is in there right now
on a date with his girlfriend. The theater
is going to show a trailer that my nephew made
asking his girlfriend to marry him. Once that
happens she will walk out here and we will
surprise her. He has a whole afternoon planned that she
knows nothing about."
My first reaction was, I hope she says yes.
"Oh she is going to say yes"
Now I could just about cry right here.
I almost want to get in the line.
Instead i stand aside and get my camera ready.
Here is comes, she is beaming, she has tears in her eyes,
but she is also in shock for all the people here for them.
I am crying, literally crying and I know none of these people.
I take a few pictures, in one the girl is looking right
at me. She must be thinking I am his part of the family.
The band is playing their song, they dance as
people she loves comes to congratulate,
who I presume to be her sister places a crown of
flowers on her head matching hers.
Behind me, as I am watching I hear the guy
who seems to be the orchestrator of this say into his 
phone, "She is hear, they are hear, we ready for you"
Their dance is finished and the wait on the curb
for something, I am not sure what.
Neither is she.

She is shaking at times, hugging him at others.
She has no clue what is coming next.
I am across the street waiting with the
rest of them.
A car pulls up, I believe her dad is driving.
He gets out and she runs into his arms they
kiss and cry, he puts her into the back seat.
He hugs the now fiancé'
gets into the drivers seat and whisks the girl away.
Fiance' does not go with her.
Only my imagination tells me what happens next
as a separate car picks him up and he is gone,
the crown dissipates and I am there left with the
aftermath of what i just witnessed.
I am so pumped that i was there,
who does these kinds of things in today's world.
Where do you find a guy like this.
I hope someone reads this who can fill in all
the holes in my beautiful story.
As I share this with my bestie Laurie last night
on my ride home, she says,
"Only you would this happen to"
I am glad it is only me!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Sometimes I think I could go into business helping
organize people. I love my little consignment shoppe
called FANCY FINDINGS and when I go there I see
so much I could do to organize and increase their sales.
They laugh when I tell them this and say,
"Come anytime"
On the first of the year I run into this article
some I could have written myself, others
give me good ideas…
HOBL has that down packed. If he buys
a new shirt, one is going out.
Don't bury the den to save the dining room.
I hate clutter. I will clean a drawer, straighten
up constantly to keep clutter gone.
You don't need two can openers or 5 pairs
of tweezers. Toss duplicates.
I can check this off my list, unless
it's one for upstairs, one for downstairs,
no duplicates allowed.
Stash the toner with the printer, etc.
Another check off my list, done.
Create one empty cabinet, shelf or drawer
in each room. it's backup for when the balance tips.
Going to do this as I have the space but I 
don't think it will be needed. Instead,
want to make a cabinet to put gifts I buy
on sale for those unexpected parties, etc.
I have a wrapping station in my laundry room for 
all my wrapping papers, tape, ribbons, cards,
it is one of the spaces I am most proud of 
so going to put that gift cabinet in there somewhere.
6) A TO Z.
Hoping these help you in the new year for
organizing. The only room that is never 
always organized is my scrap room as it should
be. Creation is being made there. If it is clean,
then I am not creating and that is not good.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Loss of a Real angel on Earth, a Nurse...

I was so saddened, as I prepared a card and a letter
to send to a fellow school nurse, Mitzi,
to find out she had passed away.
Her dear child, Elizabeth was compiling pictures
and stories about her Mom to put together so her
Mom could have it to enjoy.
God had other plans as he took this wonderful woman
that very day. I am sad and yet, I think my Mommy was 
there to greet an ol' Golden Meadow gal.
I think of her Mommy who moved into the Manor 
a few weeks before Mommy died, Ms. Alza, a lovely little 
woman who never has an unkind word leave her mouth.
Mitzi was like that, I never heard her speak over a little louder
than a whisper. I knew her in many aspect, many.
Growing up I would see her in church.
As my Baby Boy grew up, we would see her whenever
there was a gathering for her niece, Katie Ledet
who was BB's age. My last, most recent meetings with 
Mitzi was via school nursing. 
Mitzi was a leader in that regards. An RN who was
high on the totem pole when it came to us school nurses.
I have to admit that sometimes we all would
show frustration on the way a certain nursing procedure
had to be done. Seemed too much when a shorter
way was just as good. Then, Mitzi would stand
in front of us all, in her soft spoken voice and
remind us that not only was the way it was to be done
was the "legal" way as she always did her homework before
presenting to us, but it was 
"The children we did this for"
When put that way, we all succumbed.
Because no one, and I mean none of us
loved those children more than Mitzi, none followed
all the laws more closely than Mitzi because it was what was best 
for each child. Mitzi loved every child in our Lafourch Parish
school systems but we all knew, nothing, nothing, nothing
was more important than her dear family.
I remember a few years ago, being in the hospital and
running into Mitzi as she was caring for her Uncle who had
cancer. She explained how he had no family except for 
his nieces to care for him. She cared for all her elderly 
family members. A loving woman, a gracious woman.
When her sister Flo, was diagnosed with cancer a few months
before her, she did all to help, to pray. Her dear
sister, Flo, another angel on Earth loved
her baby sister the way my sisters love me.
I know Flo, still fighting her own Cancer is
heart broken and yet, to know that Mitzi
is there, making a place in Heaven worthy of them
all is how Flo will accept this. Once Flo went
into an amazing remission, came Mitzi's diagnosis
of cancer.
 So not fair, but to know Mitzi
is to know acceptance. she accepted in her loving way,
did the things needed to try and give it her best fight
and when told that it was time for hospice, 
she accepted that also with grace. Surrounded herself
with those she loved the most, her family.
My thoughts and love to Mitzi and her wonderful family.
Her sweet Momma, Ms. Alza will be heartbroken but she,
so much like her daughters, will accept and continue
on until her time on Earth is complete.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unexpected fun day!

Bean and I had a pajama party last night.
HOBL went DTB to visit,
Kd was working and BB at work.
Just me and the Bean.
Woke up to another cold one and as I text her Mommy
she asks if I can keep her today.
Its just too darn cold out there.
pajama party extended to ALL DAY!!!!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014


Which brings me to today's post.
On my way back from DTB,
I listened to my famous Sirius XM 
talk radio to be exact. A discussion was going on
about people being kept alive on ventilators and
the rights of the hospital, patient and families.
The first case is one I have been following.
A thirteen year old girl, goes in last Christmas season
for a tonsillectomy. A simple, one day surgery.
However, there is a reason why consent are very detailed
and necessary. There is no such thing as a "simple surgery".
In this beautiful child's case she looses too much blood
and looses all body functions causing lack of oxygen
to those same vital organs. CPR is performed and she is 
placed on a ventilator. In the last year her condition has
done nothing but decline and although the hospital and
a few doctors have pronounced her brain dead, her
parents refuse to believe this, having faith that a miracle
will take place. My nursing experience tells me that
after a year, with a flat EEG, the only miracle this child
would be granted is a trip to her Heavenly Father.
Yeah, it sucks and I feel for the parents but I side
with the courts on this one.
A few days before Christmas a judge proclaimed
she is already dead and will be pulled off the plug 
some date in January. the courts have even produced a 
death certificate with the date the "plug will be pulled"
The family continues to appeal to keep her on tube feedings 
and life support. Poor family. On this case, I side with the courts.
If she is alive as the parents say she is, then when the vent is
disabled, she will continue to breath.
She deserved to die in decency not after years of withering away
in a hospital bed. I do feel so darn sad for the parents and if
in their shoes I know it would be hard, but I would not continue.

The next story is more heart wrenching and a harder decision to be made.
Since November of 2013, this pregnant Mother from Texas 
has been on life support after sustaining some type of blood clot
causing her to have oxygen deprivation.
Both she and her husband, being paramedics,
 have made their wishes be known:
"No life support if EEG shows brain death and no quality of life
will ever be."
There is a glitch in the Texas law.
You see she is 18 weeks pregnant for their second child.
and TX law states that when  mother is pregnant that said
mother will be kept alive until the time comes that the
baby is viable to sustain life. OOH, this one is complicated.
Basically she is an incubator for the sweet baby.
Would her wishes be different if she could awaken and know that
her baby will also die if pulled from life support now.
Her husband and her family are challenging the Texas courts.
They have valid points.
1) Because of lack of oxygen to the Mother, the fetus was also.
There is chance this child may be born with many medical needs.
The father would rather not have this burden as a single parent.
2) Would she want to be kept alive if it meant her baby 
would be healthy?
3) Should the law override a living will and if so, why
have them?
I am on the fence with this one.
No one has the right to choose for another their last wishes
but what about this baby? Doesn't it have a right to a chance at life?
I will follow/pray/think of this one until the decision is made.
In my heart, I am kind of hoping the child is brought into the
world to live with his/her family as a reminder of the beautiful 
Mother and what she did to save her/him.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Awesome Teen!

This gal right here? Yep it's TEdi-Girl.
Don't let the strawberry blonde locks fool you.
She is my great niece, my godchild, and sometimes my hero.
She does these random acts of kindness,
she provokes others to want to do the same.
There are many teens out there.
Many awesome teens in my world.
There are two that stand out in my eyes right now.
One is my Hughbee, Rebecca and Miki's oldest.
The other, the one I speak of today is my TEdi-girl.
We often hear of the wrongs of our youth in this world
rarely of the good. So today, with her permission,
I share a wonderful story.
A few days ago, she and her Mommy were at Walmart.
As they shopped the aisles, she excitedly says to her Mom,
"Stay here, wait for me, I will be right back"
Her Mom waited and watched as her child went down
the aisle to a blonde headed woman, hugged her, shared
a few words, hugged her again and turned around
to meet her Mommy where she waited.
Her Mommy, thinking this woman is the Mother of 
a friend, asks her TEdi-girl who that woman was.
TEdi-girl's. answer:
" I don't know her but I saw she was crying so I thought
she could use a hug and I told her it would be alright"
that's it, the end, a simple random act of kindness
that makes me want to do more of the same.
Inspired by this child, yesterday I am at our Plaq. Walmart.
I see an elderly couple walking the woman pushing the
basket, the man with his arm around her shoulders.
I have the courage, because of TEdi-girl,
to ask if I can be nosy.
They both smile and say yes.
I ask how many years they have been married.
I proceed to tell them that I admire their love for each other
and that  I am about to hit my 30 year anniversary,
that I hope in 12 years, I love the way they love, 
that after 42 years, they still show affection.
The sprite little man shares,
"Well, I kind of have to hold her because I am
legally blind, but even if I were not, I would hold on to her
and follow wherever she goes. I love this woman."
So lets all use this new year, 2014 for random acts of kindness.
Why? Just because.
As I know TEdi-girls actions changed that woman's mood that
day in Walmart, I know my act put a smile on an elderly couples face.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

7/23 - 8/22
Today January 2, 2014 

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This is not a time for direct action -- you need to listen carefully and think things through before you can have a hope of making a difference. Take all the time you need -- it really matters!