Saturday, June 20, 2015

enjoying the cottage, under the weather

Been struggling with bronchitis and step throat,
which, even though was not feeling well, gave
me a chance to really stay home and enjoy the cottage.
Each day I spend in it, I love it more and more.
The cottage has gotten its good cleaning,
old carpets removed off of outside steps,
my painters are starting on Monday.
They see my vision so I love them!
Now just need sell the huge house so I
can continue with my vision here! 
I have a house sitter there which has made
my life here more enjoyable as I don't have
to worry much about the other and
he is a great little house sitter,
(thanks Chas)
The longer I stay here in the cottage,
the more I can see my life played out here
until I am not able to care for myself.
I know this blog is just kind of thinking
out loud, not my normal blog with purpose,
yet, it shows where my life is going,
I am happy, I am relaxed, I see my future
laying out before me and I what I see, I like.
Love to all!
 Scraproom not all unpacked in this picture,
I now call it the Studio.
 My dining room, the room I will soon be doing birthday party
 My living room, door to the left goes into my very little foyer and my front door.
Can see the corner of my rugs, a Purple Cow find
that I am soon proud of!
 My bedroom, I love, love, love my bedroom!
I now sleep on the right side of the bed, or the left
if you looking at it from the footboard.
after sleeping on the left side for thirty years,
I can sleep on whatever side I want,
so liberating!
 My sweet pie safe, perfect for my studio.
In need of new pics now that it is al organized.
 another pic of my kitchen, the end going into my dining
room, hoping to teach children's cooking classes in this kitchen also.
I love when I walk into the cottage from the kitchen it smells
like you are walking into an old it!
Can't wait until Baby Boy has time to build
me a rolling Island!
Last but not least, the spare room which is really a room
set up for the grand girls....
all their toys....
love this room, love this cottage,
forever to be called,

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