Sunday, June 21, 2015


Yes, it's Fathers Day.
What is a Father? Webster has many definitions.
My favorite is this one:
It is my favorite because it does not say this 
person has to be a man as I know many who
father a child who is not a man, I know others
who father children who are not their own.
So many definitions to a most special day.
I was fortunate to have a daddy as I did.
Again he was old when I was born
and all he wanted was to see my grow up.
He lived until I was 20 years old,
the year after I graduated from nursing school.
Another goal he wanted to see my achieve.
I also had brother in laws of my older siblings
who treated me as their own.
Nonc J and Joe, I spent many days at their homes.
I don't know how they put up with a little sis
who tagged along all their family gatherings,
especially Nonc Jay, who had three little girls of his own.
Thanks to all you men who made me who I am today,
Happy Fathers Day.
Now, to the father of my own children:
Thank you, Ronnie for our two beautiful children.

Yes, there have been many unhappy times in 
the last years, but there were many good times
as the children grew up. Thank you for always
providing financially for us all so that I could be
the kind of Mother who was home so I could be
there for all the important things in their lives,
to be the Mother I wanted to be.
In that aspect, you have been a great Daddy.
I could sit here and talk of all the things you 
missed because of all you worked but I know
why you worked so hard, it is the same reason
why through this divorce, I can live comfortable and
not worry about money issues as many divorced women
have to. We both worked hard and contributed
to the betterment of our children.
I will never have any regrets on anything we did
to give our kids a great growing up life.
I know if we asked gypsy baby or BB if they
had a good childhood, I believe they both would
say yes, they had a happy childhood.
We are both happy apart, and yet we can be in the same
room with our children and grandchildren.
It is what should be, it is what God would say
is proper. There is a part of me that would always love you.
The part that gave me two beautiful children and
the legacy of the Riera's that continue with all the grandchildren
we may have in the future.
So, Happy Fathers Day Ronald.
Happy Fathers day, Brud-in-laws,
Happy Fathers Day Baby boy,
Happy Fathers Day to all those women who have to play both roles.
Happy Fathers Day to all who Father and 
continue to Father, even when it is not really their job.
Most importantly, HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DADDY
My very own Father,
who made my life growing up beautiful.
Our home was big but it was not a show place.
We lived in our home and my Daddy cooked a meal daily,
sometimes a few times a day.
I knew after school, whatever I ordered that morning,
would be waiting for me when I got home.
He rarely made the journey upstairs, but I speak of one 
night often. Mom was not there and I got a virus.
I was so sick I could not get to the bathroom.
He came upstairs and fixed me up with a bowl, a cool
towel, water, cold 7-up that he had shaken the fizz out of,
but the biggest part, he made the trek up the stairs to
sit aside my and hold my hand. Just knowing he was their 
made me feel better, This was just one of the many things
he did. How I miss him!


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