Sunday, June 14, 2015


Funny, or ironic when you begin a new relationship
and begin to share things you both like, how some of
their favorites you begin to look into and find out
you have missed out on something you now love for some time.
Let me explain, I haves spoken of D. Paul who for
blog purposes, will now have his blog name
be King Charles....
anyway King Charles and I over the last few months
have found we have so much in common.
We both like old homes and the history that
goes with them. We both love garden districts,
My home, in the Plaquemine district, his soon
to be in the BR garden district,
one thing we did not have in common was his love
for Seinfeld sitcom.
I have never followed or really watched the old
shows of the 90's named after the man,
Jerry Seinfeld. Yet, K. Charles, well he knows lots, i mean
lots of this sitcom.
Which has made me want to know more
of the show. Thanks to Kay Shara-Shara,
with my new Uverse tv, I have DVR and have taped
the Seinfeld editions. 
K. Charles and I spent time Friday night watching some
of his favorite tapings and I am now hooked,
can't watch enough Seinfeld, anytime I have a few
spare minutes, work in a little Seinfeld.
Never know where a relationship will take you,
but aside from all the other things we have in common,
I will forever be grateful for K. Charles turning
me on to the the jewel of 
Seinfeld. Thanks, boo!

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  1. Yes, it's a great show and I am happy for you!