Wednesday, June 17, 2015


A Hero comes in many shapes and sizes, they are
hero's for many different reasons, some are those
we look up to for the sport they play, the life they lead,
but my biggest hero is a little girl who is under 5 feet tall 
and 100 pounds. My hero has been through more in her
13 years than most go through in a life time.
My hero, Bailey is in need of big prayers today.
 I met this sweet child many years ago, she was a tad younger
than Bean is now. A sickly child who carried a back pack with
feedings going into her via a tube in her nose 24/7.
She never complained, I mean for her, it's all she knew,
you see she was born with a rare disease that had her
needing transplants of certain organs she was not born with
or that were not healthy.
It is amazing all this child has accomplished in 10 years.
She is now 13 and still calls me nurse Lilly.
I have been retired now for 4 years but I still carry
the title in her world as Nurse.
Being her school nurse for 7 years we became very close
but unlike other children, even though I keep in touch with them,
this child is an important part of my life.
We speak at least weekly, FaceTime often and just
this week she spent two nights at my cottage.
I was amazed how she needs no help with her medical care
anymore, hooks up her night feedings all alone, meds and all!
 I speak of my little hero, Bailey today, because as I write this blog
she is in Omaha, where her transplants and her doctors are.
This morning she will be put to sleep for a major surgery.
At 13, of course she is scared, shoot I am scared when I need surgery
and I am many moons older than her.
Yet, as we spent time together she rarely spoke of her fears,
more of how this surgery was going to hopefully make her
life a little easier. 
I do not know why the Big Man has illness hit little children.
I sometimes think it is to teach others about what is 
really important in life.
Don't get me wrong, she is all of a normal teen when it comes
to school and attitude but she loves me so, and I, her.
Her Mother has been her rock, her advocate and B is
alive and doing so well today because her mother refused
to hear the words can't. 
Even as an infant, her mother believed she was going to fight
this and teach the world so much.
 So, this morning, I ask for prayers for my Bailey boo 
as she awaits them to take her to surgery in Omaha.
I ask for prayers for her Mother who is with her but also
had to leave behind her twin brother, who has no medical issues
and a step daughter whom she loves as much as 
her own two children as well as her hubby.
Her Mom, well her name would be on my list of hero's also.
As I sit here, blogging, having prayed and will continue to pray
until I get the word that she it out of surgery.
How I wish I was there with her, her mother and her Gran.
I know one thing, this major surgery, although dangerous
will not keep my hero down for long.
How I wish I was with her......

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  1. Praying for Bailey and her family!!!