Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday was a great day for the Riera, Becnel and
other families who are the proud parent of a gay child.
My Gypsy baby, now in the state she was born and raised
in can finally live freely to love whom she wants, 
marry who she wants, make a homestead with whomever
she wants. The state of Louisiana with all other states
has finally accepted to acknowledge gay marriages.
My gypsy and her love, Kayshara, shara
had been talking marriage, destination wedding,
now plans are changed.
Many years ago, when gypsy baby 
came to tell her Dad and I 
that she was gay, it changed nothing about 
how we loved her and for how proud we were 
of her. I would have lied to say I didn't cry.
I did not cry because of embarrassment,
I did no cry because I was not proud of
thought less of her. I cried because I didn't 
want the world to be cruel to her, I did not
want her to face the negativity of the world.
I cried because I thought that because of her
being gay in the world the way it was,
She would always work hard and never have
the luxuries that a marriage brings,
two salaries, insurance from your spouse,
I cried because I worried that maybe she would
never have children. 
Gypsy's response, "Since when when do I give a f%$#
what the world thinks of me"
and she was right, through her whole life, 
she never cared what others thought of her.
After that day, never did I worry of her
and the World. 
Yet, yesterday, yesterday I cried for different
reasons, I cried because now, my child,
has the rights of all others.
To love who she chooses, and to marry that
whom she chooses to love.
Gone are the days where all believe gays
are promiscuous, that it is all about sex.
Or at least I hope, because my gypsy baby,
loves her Kayshara, share more than many
heterosexual relationships.
Congrats to my girls and all the other gay
peeps in the world who can now live in
peace, with the same rights as all of us
who live in the good old place of the US of A.
Love you gals!

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