Monday, June 15, 2015


Few days ago, was in Thibodaux to pick up my
Nee and Bailey.
We had to eat at my favorite Griffins, Bean also came
for the ride. As we walked in, I noticed the tables
put together with an older woman at the head
at the table, she reminded me of my Mommy
for the reason she had that beautiful white hair
and she was quiet as she was not exactly sure
what was going on but was happy to have so
many of her family surrounding her.
That was how Mommy was. She didn't get
everything, but she understood when we were together
and she has happiest then.
I didn't pay much attention to their table once
we sat. I, and the girls had not been together
in some time and we had lots to talk about.
Then as we began to eat our meal, 
a birthday cake and employees came out
to sing Happy Birthday to this sweet 
older woman. GRo-cud can I say?
MY heart in my throat as her whole family
and we sang her Happy Birthday.
Eighty nine years young and as all sang
she wiped her eyes. When asked by her
family what he wish was on this day,
"For all of us, as a family to always get along"
So wise, then I teared up.
I missed my Mommy at that moment more than I have
allowed myself to believe lately.
Yet she is never far from my thoughts.
As I moved into the cottage, often I had things
remind me of growing up in an older home
with older parents. How much she would have loved
this home and my sweet older neighbor, 
Ms. Shirley who also reminds me of my slightly younger
Mommy. How blessed I have been to have been raised
by an older woman who loved me so much.
Always close to my thoughts and heart.

Always their baby..... it was more than just spoiled....

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