Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It is so easy to lay blame when a child dies.
Yesterday, the news of the day is the
death of a one year old who was electrocuted
to her death by touching the outside unit
of a central air conditioning unit.
All fingers are being pointed.
Why at a rental property was the 
electrical panel uncovered.
As investigators walked around,
they noted many units with uncovered wire.
As the news walked around, these units
were being covered.
Mothers interviewer, your heart goes out
to her, at first....
She lost her one year old baby,
speaks of how these wires have been uncovered
since they moved there a year ago.
Speaks about how she can't sleep because
her arms are empty, her only child, her
one year old princess. Yet, where was she
when this one year old was out playing?
Taking  a nap. Of course, I don't mean to 
judge and yet, I am.... bad me.
I can't remember ever leaving my one
year old out to play unsupervised.
The investigator then reminds us,
oh there was someone with the child at
the busy apartment complex,
a 5 year old. When that child was asked
what happened, she pointed to the A/C unit.
yes, two children out to play in an
apartment complex that was not up to 
code for safety.
A one year old and a 5 year old.
Maybe there was another adult there,
of course the news would leave that out.
I just know this,
the picture in my mind is tragic.
the 5 year old, watches her baby friend go down
and runs for help. There, when the adults
come to help find a beautiful one year old
laying dead on the grass near the unit.
The coroner is interviewed and he speaks 
of a beautiful child looking like she is 
sleeping with only wound is a small
burn mark to her little hand.
But she is not asleep, she is dead.
The news of today is that there was a 15 year
old who was in charge, and that is legal age
in the state of Louisiana.
The fact that this tragedy happened up the 
road from me, in the small town of Addis,
makes it sadder for me.
Again, I am not the Big Man,
I have no right to judge but it is hard
not to try and lay blame somewhere when
a child dies. May my mind stop overriding
my heart as all I see is a beautiful child dead
because grown ups didn't do the things to protect her.
Yesterday covers were being placed at the
apt. complex A/C units everywhere.
May The Big Man be with all involved
and may she rest in peace, safe now.

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