Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday was a great day for the Riera, Becnel and
other families who are the proud parent of a gay child.
My Gypsy baby, now in the state she was born and raised
in can finally live freely to love whom she wants, 
marry who she wants, make a homestead with whomever
she wants. The state of Louisiana with all other states
has finally accepted to acknowledge gay marriages.
My gypsy and her love, Kayshara, shara
had been talking marriage, destination wedding,
now plans are changed.
Many years ago, when gypsy baby 
came to tell her Dad and I 
that she was gay, it changed nothing about 
how we loved her and for how proud we were 
of her. I would have lied to say I didn't cry.
I did not cry because of embarrassment,
I did no cry because I was not proud of
thought less of her. I cried because I didn't 
want the world to be cruel to her, I did not
want her to face the negativity of the world.
I cried because I thought that because of her
being gay in the world the way it was,
She would always work hard and never have
the luxuries that a marriage brings,
two salaries, insurance from your spouse,
I cried because I worried that maybe she would
never have children. 
Gypsy's response, "Since when when do I give a f%$#
what the world thinks of me"
and she was right, through her whole life, 
she never cared what others thought of her.
After that day, never did I worry of her
and the World. 
Yet, yesterday, yesterday I cried for different
reasons, I cried because now, my child,
has the rights of all others.
To love who she chooses, and to marry that
whom she chooses to love.
Gone are the days where all believe gays
are promiscuous, that it is all about sex.
Or at least I hope, because my gypsy baby,
loves her Kayshara, share more than many
heterosexual relationships.
Congrats to my girls and all the other gay
peeps in the world who can now live in
peace, with the same rights as all of us
who live in the good old place of the US of A.
Love you gals!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It is so easy to lay blame when a child dies.
Yesterday, the news of the day is the
death of a one year old who was electrocuted
to her death by touching the outside unit
of a central air conditioning unit.
All fingers are being pointed.
Why at a rental property was the 
electrical panel uncovered.
As investigators walked around,
they noted many units with uncovered wire.
As the news walked around, these units
were being covered.
Mothers interviewer, your heart goes out
to her, at first....
She lost her one year old baby,
speaks of how these wires have been uncovered
since they moved there a year ago.
Speaks about how she can't sleep because
her arms are empty, her only child, her
one year old princess. Yet, where was she
when this one year old was out playing?
Taking  a nap. Of course, I don't mean to 
judge and yet, I am.... bad me.
I can't remember ever leaving my one
year old out to play unsupervised.
The investigator then reminds us,
oh there was someone with the child at
the busy apartment complex,
a 5 year old. When that child was asked
what happened, she pointed to the A/C unit.
yes, two children out to play in an
apartment complex that was not up to 
code for safety.
A one year old and a 5 year old.
Maybe there was another adult there,
of course the news would leave that out.
I just know this,
the picture in my mind is tragic.
the 5 year old, watches her baby friend go down
and runs for help. There, when the adults
come to help find a beautiful one year old
laying dead on the grass near the unit.
The coroner is interviewed and he speaks 
of a beautiful child looking like she is 
sleeping with only wound is a small
burn mark to her little hand.
But she is not asleep, she is dead.
The news of today is that there was a 15 year
old who was in charge, and that is legal age
in the state of Louisiana.
The fact that this tragedy happened up the 
road from me, in the small town of Addis,
makes it sadder for me.
Again, I am not the Big Man,
I have no right to judge but it is hard
not to try and lay blame somewhere when
a child dies. May my mind stop overriding
my heart as all I see is a beautiful child dead
because grown ups didn't do the things to protect her.
Yesterday covers were being placed at the
apt. complex A/C units everywhere.
May The Big Man be with all involved
and may she rest in peace, safe now.

Monday, June 22, 2015


 A new blog and a new Facebook page introducing
For years I have spoken of the business I would start.
Now that I am settled, have a name for this little business
stay tuned. Some of the things I will be offering:
1)Pre teen/ children birthday parties involving
2) Childrens beginners lessons of scrapbooking.
3) Childrens beginning baking classes.
4) preteen baking/cooking classes.
5) Etiquette classes for boys and girls separately.
6) Adult scrapping lessons.
Not just scrapbooking but projects people will
be able to pick out.
Birthday girl/boy will have a few projects to choose

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Yes, it's Fathers Day.
What is a Father? Webster has many definitions.
My favorite is this one:
It is my favorite because it does not say this 
person has to be a man as I know many who
father a child who is not a man, I know others
who father children who are not their own.
So many definitions to a most special day.
I was fortunate to have a daddy as I did.
Again he was old when I was born
and all he wanted was to see my grow up.
He lived until I was 20 years old,
the year after I graduated from nursing school.
Another goal he wanted to see my achieve.
I also had brother in laws of my older siblings
who treated me as their own.
Nonc J and Joe, I spent many days at their homes.
I don't know how they put up with a little sis
who tagged along all their family gatherings,
especially Nonc Jay, who had three little girls of his own.
Thanks to all you men who made me who I am today,
Happy Fathers Day.
Now, to the father of my own children:
Thank you, Ronnie for our two beautiful children.

Yes, there have been many unhappy times in 
the last years, but there were many good times
as the children grew up. Thank you for always
providing financially for us all so that I could be
the kind of Mother who was home so I could be
there for all the important things in their lives,
to be the Mother I wanted to be.
In that aspect, you have been a great Daddy.
I could sit here and talk of all the things you 
missed because of all you worked but I know
why you worked so hard, it is the same reason
why through this divorce, I can live comfortable and
not worry about money issues as many divorced women
have to. We both worked hard and contributed
to the betterment of our children.
I will never have any regrets on anything we did
to give our kids a great growing up life.
I know if we asked gypsy baby or BB if they
had a good childhood, I believe they both would
say yes, they had a happy childhood.
We are both happy apart, and yet we can be in the same
room with our children and grandchildren.
It is what should be, it is what God would say
is proper. There is a part of me that would always love you.
The part that gave me two beautiful children and
the legacy of the Riera's that continue with all the grandchildren
we may have in the future.
So, Happy Fathers Day Ronald.
Happy Fathers day, Brud-in-laws,
Happy Fathers Day Baby boy,
Happy Fathers Day to all those women who have to play both roles.
Happy Fathers Day to all who Father and 
continue to Father, even when it is not really their job.
Most importantly, HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DADDY
My very own Father,
who made my life growing up beautiful.
Our home was big but it was not a show place.
We lived in our home and my Daddy cooked a meal daily,
sometimes a few times a day.
I knew after school, whatever I ordered that morning,
would be waiting for me when I got home.
He rarely made the journey upstairs, but I speak of one 
night often. Mom was not there and I got a virus.
I was so sick I could not get to the bathroom.
He came upstairs and fixed me up with a bowl, a cool
towel, water, cold 7-up that he had shaken the fizz out of,
but the biggest part, he made the trek up the stairs to
sit aside my and hold my hand. Just knowing he was their 
made me feel better, This was just one of the many things
he did. How I miss him!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

enjoying the cottage, under the weather

Been struggling with bronchitis and step throat,
which, even though was not feeling well, gave
me a chance to really stay home and enjoy the cottage.
Each day I spend in it, I love it more and more.
The cottage has gotten its good cleaning,
old carpets removed off of outside steps,
my painters are starting on Monday.
They see my vision so I love them!
Now just need sell the huge house so I
can continue with my vision here! 
I have a house sitter there which has made
my life here more enjoyable as I don't have
to worry much about the other and
he is a great little house sitter,
(thanks Chas)
The longer I stay here in the cottage,
the more I can see my life played out here
until I am not able to care for myself.
I know this blog is just kind of thinking
out loud, not my normal blog with purpose,
yet, it shows where my life is going,
I am happy, I am relaxed, I see my future
laying out before me and I what I see, I like.
Love to all!
 Scraproom not all unpacked in this picture,
I now call it the Studio.
 My dining room, the room I will soon be doing birthday party
 My living room, door to the left goes into my very little foyer and my front door.
Can see the corner of my rugs, a Purple Cow find
that I am soon proud of!
 My bedroom, I love, love, love my bedroom!
I now sleep on the right side of the bed, or the left
if you looking at it from the footboard.
after sleeping on the left side for thirty years,
I can sleep on whatever side I want,
so liberating!
 My sweet pie safe, perfect for my studio.
In need of new pics now that it is al organized.
 another pic of my kitchen, the end going into my dining
room, hoping to teach children's cooking classes in this kitchen also.
I love when I walk into the cottage from the kitchen it smells
like you are walking into an old it!
Can't wait until Baby Boy has time to build
me a rolling Island!
Last but not least, the spare room which is really a room
set up for the grand girls....
all their toys....
love this room, love this cottage,
forever to be called,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

prayers for B....

So happy to say that our Bailey Boo came out
of surgery with flying colors.
She was frightened going in but now it is done and
last night I actually got a text from her!
Her mom thanks everyone for all the prayers.
Now for a speedy recovery so she can
come home from Omaha soon to be with
her family and all those who love her.
Thanks for prayers!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


A Hero comes in many shapes and sizes, they are
hero's for many different reasons, some are those
we look up to for the sport they play, the life they lead,
but my biggest hero is a little girl who is under 5 feet tall 
and 100 pounds. My hero has been through more in her
13 years than most go through in a life time.
My hero, Bailey is in need of big prayers today.
 I met this sweet child many years ago, she was a tad younger
than Bean is now. A sickly child who carried a back pack with
feedings going into her via a tube in her nose 24/7.
She never complained, I mean for her, it's all she knew,
you see she was born with a rare disease that had her
needing transplants of certain organs she was not born with
or that were not healthy.
It is amazing all this child has accomplished in 10 years.
She is now 13 and still calls me nurse Lilly.
I have been retired now for 4 years but I still carry
the title in her world as Nurse.
Being her school nurse for 7 years we became very close
but unlike other children, even though I keep in touch with them,
this child is an important part of my life.
We speak at least weekly, FaceTime often and just
this week she spent two nights at my cottage.
I was amazed how she needs no help with her medical care
anymore, hooks up her night feedings all alone, meds and all!
 I speak of my little hero, Bailey today, because as I write this blog
she is in Omaha, where her transplants and her doctors are.
This morning she will be put to sleep for a major surgery.
At 13, of course she is scared, shoot I am scared when I need surgery
and I am many moons older than her.
Yet, as we spent time together she rarely spoke of her fears,
more of how this surgery was going to hopefully make her
life a little easier. 
I do not know why the Big Man has illness hit little children.
I sometimes think it is to teach others about what is 
really important in life.
Don't get me wrong, she is all of a normal teen when it comes
to school and attitude but she loves me so, and I, her.
Her Mother has been her rock, her advocate and B is
alive and doing so well today because her mother refused
to hear the words can't. 
Even as an infant, her mother believed she was going to fight
this and teach the world so much.
 So, this morning, I ask for prayers for my Bailey boo 
as she awaits them to take her to surgery in Omaha.
I ask for prayers for her Mother who is with her but also
had to leave behind her twin brother, who has no medical issues
and a step daughter whom she loves as much as 
her own two children as well as her hubby.
Her Mom, well her name would be on my list of hero's also.
As I sit here, blogging, having prayed and will continue to pray
until I get the word that she it out of surgery.
How I wish I was there with her, her mother and her Gran.
I know one thing, this major surgery, although dangerous
will not keep my hero down for long.
How I wish I was with her......

Monday, June 15, 2015


Few days ago, was in Thibodaux to pick up my
Nee and Bailey.
We had to eat at my favorite Griffins, Bean also came
for the ride. As we walked in, I noticed the tables
put together with an older woman at the head
at the table, she reminded me of my Mommy
for the reason she had that beautiful white hair
and she was quiet as she was not exactly sure
what was going on but was happy to have so
many of her family surrounding her.
That was how Mommy was. She didn't get
everything, but she understood when we were together
and she has happiest then.
I didn't pay much attention to their table once
we sat. I, and the girls had not been together
in some time and we had lots to talk about.
Then as we began to eat our meal, 
a birthday cake and employees came out
to sing Happy Birthday to this sweet 
older woman. GRo-cud can I say?
MY heart in my throat as her whole family
and we sang her Happy Birthday.
Eighty nine years young and as all sang
she wiped her eyes. When asked by her
family what he wish was on this day,
"For all of us, as a family to always get along"
So wise, then I teared up.
I missed my Mommy at that moment more than I have
allowed myself to believe lately.
Yet she is never far from my thoughts.
As I moved into the cottage, often I had things
remind me of growing up in an older home
with older parents. How much she would have loved
this home and my sweet older neighbor, 
Ms. Shirley who also reminds me of my slightly younger
Mommy. How blessed I have been to have been raised
by an older woman who loved me so much.
Always close to my thoughts and heart.

Always their baby..... it was more than just spoiled....

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Funny, or ironic when you begin a new relationship
and begin to share things you both like, how some of
their favorites you begin to look into and find out
you have missed out on something you now love for some time.
Let me explain, I haves spoken of D. Paul who for
blog purposes, will now have his blog name
be King Charles....
anyway King Charles and I over the last few months
have found we have so much in common.
We both like old homes and the history that
goes with them. We both love garden districts,
My home, in the Plaquemine district, his soon
to be in the BR garden district,
one thing we did not have in common was his love
for Seinfeld sitcom.
I have never followed or really watched the old
shows of the 90's named after the man,
Jerry Seinfeld. Yet, K. Charles, well he knows lots, i mean
lots of this sitcom.
Which has made me want to know more
of the show. Thanks to Kay Shara-Shara,
with my new Uverse tv, I have DVR and have taped
the Seinfeld editions. 
K. Charles and I spent time Friday night watching some
of his favorite tapings and I am now hooked,
can't watch enough Seinfeld, anytime I have a few
spare minutes, work in a little Seinfeld.
Never know where a relationship will take you,
but aside from all the other things we have in common,
I will forever be grateful for K. Charles turning
me on to the the jewel of 
Seinfeld. Thanks, boo!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

cruisin is over,,,

Back from cruising and it was a success!
My first and the treatment you get for the money you
pay is fantastic. The three ports we stopped at were good
shopping, I was sick only one day
(No, I did not drink the water)
I am so glad I went with my Tiffy/BeDa and TEdi-girl.
First port was the best as TEdi hung with I and her Mom
and after shopping in the rain, we met her friends
and other peeps from the bayou, mostly parents
of her friends at Fat Tuesday bar and danced, danced, danced.
Danced in the rain, showed others what our Bayou has,
lots of fun! I was impressed with Tedi-girl and her friends,
who did not only not mind hanging with us,
but danced with us all. One beer is all I had, most fun
I had had in a little while.
Tiffy/BeDa and I had massages, I swear, could have done
that every day had it not been expensive.
Still worth every penny!
AS much fun as it all was, I was ready to come home to my little
cottage, finish unpacking and making it mine.
Yesterday, I unpacked the very last box....
Today I go to pick up Nee, and B to spend two nights
at the cottage along with Bean coming for the ride
and the sleepover tonight.
Time for fun with the kiddo's...
Finally on Friday, time to spend some adult time with
my pal, D.Paul, have been dating for a few months now
and we have sooo much in common.
Have missed him too.
Enough of catch up..
Tomorrow will start meaningful blogs..
or maybe after the little ones go home.
thanks for following even if I have been incognito lately...