Monday, February 22, 2016

.. and then there is our TUTS...

Surely and awesome thing to watch all the Grand Girls
grow and change into their own little personalities.
Our Tuts, only being 15 months older than her
baby sister, Smalls is definitely the clown of
the group. Out of the three, she is the one
who most reminds me of her daddy,
my baby boy. Not in her looks so much
but in her actions, for instance, 
She sucks the very same fingers her Daddy sucked
as a child.
and has a "woobie" like her Daddy and gypsy baby did,
she calls hers "Bae"
Yep that is it, on her lap, sitting in the Blues Clues
thinking chair...
 She adores, I mean adores her "Sissy"
Its hard to remember that she is still a baby
as Smalls came just a few months after her first bday.
Not even two yet, she has surprised us all
when one day, after not speaking much,
she just recited the ABC's. even pronouncing
the LMNOP separately.
Amazing she is! Can count to 15 and well,
she is just smart, sweet child.
 As much as she loves her Sissy,
We are still not sure of just how much she is into
baby sis, Smalls...
but as Smalls grows and does more, Tuts is getting
warmed to her a little more each day.
She is one of the sweetest babies I have met.
Yet, she is set in her ways, 
only likes sleeping in her own baby bed,
in the very dark, with a sound machine placed
with her 'bae'.
So it makes it hard to keep her for the night
or naptimes. Thursday mornings is her 
"Mumsie" day and I think she is finally 
beginning to look forward to our day 
together, but come nap time, it is home
and her bed she wants. 
Our Tuts brings us all so much joy,
many laughs, perfect little girl for our family.

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