Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I cannot say for sure if having smalls just 15 months after
Tuts was planned.
I can say although it is so very hard for Baby boy 
and especially  Kd, having "Irish Twins", their closeness
is beginning to be the sweetest experience.
Smalls has not been a good sleeper and
loves, I mean adores her Mommy and Daddy as it should be.
So, I jokingly always say she hates he Mumsie.
It is actually funny to watch because as long as her
back is to me and her parents are not in her vision,
we are cool, yet the minute she turns around and sees
it is I holding her she goes into terrible screams.
 She is a beautiful baby just as the other grand girls are
and probably being the last to BB and Kd,
we are enjoying the "babyness" of it all.
 Of course, Bean just loves her 
and Tuts is just finally to acknowledge her presence.
For the first few weeks, we kept thinking she really
thought she was temporary and was going to go somewhere.
Now that is is interacting, Tuts is liking her sooo much.
We are so very blessed with these three girls because
each is different, healthy and beautiful.
There is always chaos and fun in the
young Riera household, It is where I go 
often when I am lonesome as well as bored
a trip to their house puts a smile on my face
and there is always something to be done there.
My lil daughter in law, well I watch her 
and she always seems so calm around her babies.
I keep telling her, so soon they will be grown
and there will be many days to clean house.
There is that saying,

It’s been said:
Good Moms Have Sticky Floors,
Messy Kitchens,
Laundry Piles,
Dirty Oven,
and Happy Kids.

and If you read my blog of yesterday
you will undertand even more as to 
my sweet Kd and my Baby boy,
focus on raising three little girls
and enjoy their Caboose,
Ours Sweet Smalls!

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