Tuesday, February 23, 2016


My post today was going to be about SMALLS
but something happened yesterday that has me
changing my plans.
Yesterday as I waited in the rainy parking lot
of COPAC, where our play will be put on
this weekend, I read lines.
As I looked up stating my memorized lines,
I see three teen boys, playing soccer on the
old football field of COPAC, in the drizzly rain.
I put my play book down and I watch them.
I watch them ignoring the rain,
fetching a kicked ball that misses the net,
laughing, high fives abound
and I am transported back to a time in my memory.
The time when my own grown babies were young ones,
pre teen and then teens.
I watch and I become so lonesome for that time.
I want to scream to no one who can hear me, 
their parents, Your children are innocently playing 
an outside game in the rain!!!
They are not on the computer, they are not
on their cell phones, of course, they are not 
studying but that is a different blog.
Not often but sometimes I long for the days
that my kiddo's were those children,
always outside playing, practicing,
and I realize I was such a lucky Mommy,
having my children before the world of 
technology took off.
Sometimes I long to be the Momma of young ones.
Of course, it only lasts short intervals as I also
love my life as a Mumsie with grown children.
I am glad I was that momma, who went outside
to play and to watch.
I say to you young Mothers,
"I know its hard sometimes, I know sometimes you want to
throw in the towel, but believe me when I say,
this will be gone so fast, sitting in the stands watching
a basketball/baseball/football game. You will miss it"
So many thoughts in so little time.
I am transported to a time when Baby boy was
about two, it had been a rough day,
lots of crying, demands, time outs,
As he napped, I selfishly laid in my bed and

counted how many more years until I would be free
of this burden. I have often thought and had guilt 
feelings over that day, yet we all have them.
We also have these days,
I remember the first night that both my babies
had somewhere to be on a Friday night,
Baby boy went to a party and Gypsy baby
had just been dropped off at a sleep over.
I stopped at a red light and realized,
for the very first time, my car was empty of children.
I cried, right there at that red light knowing 
that this is the first of many nights that I will be 
alone and this will lead to them growing up and
I being the Mommy of adults.
So I say to this Mommy's and Daddy's of these
teens playing soccer in the rain,
I say to all those young parents with more babies
than adults,
"Hang on, the roller coaster of life and emotions
some you will be proud of and others that you 
will not be so proud of but all that are normal.
It is so "cliche" to say, 
"enjoy them, they grow so fast"
yes, it is true so true, but there will be good and bad,
and try and take it in stride and when they say,
"Hey Mom/Dad me and a few friends are
going to the field to play soccer in the rain"
Smile and say, "Okay have fun"
because just as yours are going fast, 
so is theirs, let them play soccer in the rain.

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