Sunday, February 7, 2016

Just my opinion.......

I know that my opinion, my blog is just that,
My opinion and yet, this morning I am in deep thoughts
about lots of things that may not mean much to many.
I wake up early each morning, and yet this morning,
I am still on my recliner, face booking and watching
Home channels, I just love home channels.
Usually it consists of old homes that are redone.
This morning, I am on a site showing huge homes
for the "rich and famous"
and my thoughts go to...
Why does anyone need a huge home such as this.
Some are over 10,000 square feet and there are two 
people living in it. I have never believed in living above
your means, maybe these people don't but I still
see these homes and furniture, as they speak of how
much each reno. costed as well as how much a coffee table,
dining table costed. I look around my little cottage
that I would put up to every one of these rich homes
and still choose my cottage. 
My dining table? 100 dollars found at Fancy finds,
Piano? Painted and antiqued red? Nope not 5,000 dollars,
a mere 350 with delivery. 
I realize I have to change the channel, 
this type of grandiose living, for whatever reason,
makes me slightly nauseated and embarrassed
that I am even watching it, knowing that here in 
our very own US of A, little children are going to bed hungry.
A friend posted this morning on Facebook:
"I identify with Tinker Bell a lot, she needs a lot of attention
or she dies...."
This got me thinking and posting my own response"
"I more relate to Jimeny Cricket:
"Let your conscience be your guide"
With that said, my conscience would not only let me
never live in such a home that seems just like a brag session,
but also I can no longer watch it.
So off with the TV and on to baking
for Superbowl! have a good one, all!

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  1. I am with you on that one, 100%. I actually believe in living below your means that way I have enough to save and enough to give. ;-) <3