Sunday, February 21, 2016

Grand girls are sooo grand!

Yesterday I was in desperate need for some
Grand Girl loving.
I went to the Riera home, and Kd
and the girls were getting ready to go play outside.
I joined them and although it had been a rough morning
for Mumsie being with them always brightens my day.
We played outside in the beautiful weather,
I stayed to help KD bathe and feed the girls,
I know she appreciated the help and it is one of
my favorite things to do.
Then as they all smelled so fresh and clean,
Ms. Fashionesta, Bean in some Christmas bottom
with a green skirt and a pink shirt she begged
her Mommy to sleep in,
sat to eat some frozen Pizza, kind her Daddy used to 
love as a kid. She was playing around with the pizza
and because I had also brought some 
corn/crawfish/crab soup,
I asked if she wanted to try that instead.
Now, this next small story will tell you a lot
about our almost 5 year old Bean.
How she can be a handful but also the sweetest 
little thing,
I heated her up some soup as her Mommy rocked smalls
and Tuts watched TV eating popcorn.
Bean tastes the soup and says,
"Mumsie I like this more than that pizza"
She thinks about her statement
and then shares her thoughts,
"Momma did you cook that Pizza?"
Her Mom explains that it was a box
Pizza she just heated up, that Daddy had bought it.
Then her kind heart says,
"Because I really like your soup more, Mumsie
but I don't want hurt Mommy's feelings if she made
the Pizza"
Okay this child, can drive you crazy with her clothing styles,
loving to do things her way, screaming with a scratch,
 A "never give up attitude"
as she learns how to ride her two wheel bike,
Yet, her big heart, never to hurt feelings purposefully 
can melt your heart. No wonder her sisters love
her so very much.
Our sweet Bean, the first Grand Girl,
a leader for her baby sisters
and one that has stolen all our hearts.

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