Friday, April 8, 2016

hand held for comfort, a hand held for love...

Seems like my posts now are all transportations to
my younger life, I will just go with it...
Bean had her 5th bday party and what she calls 
"The jumping place"
a big building full of blow up slides and jumpers.
When it came time to take pictures and videos
I started clicking away.
After the first verse of 
Happy Birthday to you,
I saw Bean reach over to hold her Daddy's hand.
He held Smalls in his right hand, Beans hand with his
left. Kd stood on her others side holding  JoJo.
That simple gesture, the holding of her Daddy's hand
reminded me of when my babies were young.
Baby boy that year would have been 6 or 7 and
gypsy baby, 3.
We had a small truck where the small back seat consisted
of two little chairs that folded down, facing each other.
It was the perfect size for two little kiddo's.
Baby boy was a Momma's boy back in the day.
The memory that comes to me was a day
at the beach of Grand Isle.
It was a beautiful day and all were happy for our
little family. When it was almost time
to leave Baby boy whispered to me,
"Mommy, when we get in the car can I sit in the
seat behind you so we can hold hands in the crack of the seat"
As we loaded to leave, I strapped gypsy baby into her 
side behind her Daddy and Baby boy behind my 
passenger seat. As he began to leave,
I felt that small tap on my shoulder and a 
little hand closest to the door side came through
and BB and I held hands home.
It touched me then and it touches me now,
that my hand holding could bring so much joy 
to my little son.
Yesterday as we played with the grand girls
I mentioned to him how Bean held his hand
through singing Happy Birthday.
I am not sure whether he was aware before I mentioned it.
The simple act of holding a hand of  someone who loves you,
A hand held for comfort, a hand held for love.

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