Sunday, April 24, 2016


Last night was a big night for most the
schools I know, Prom.
Prom at SLHS, Prom atTHS, Prom
and 9th grade spring formal at EDW.
Praying all got home safely to their own beds
last night or wherever they were supposed to lay 
their heads. I want to brag about a few children I adore.
First, My great nephew, Hugh who is a senior this year
had no plans to go to Prom. His little gal is younger than
he and too young to attend his Prom. 
Low and Behold, Big Man had different plans
and I just know his parents were so proud and pleased by this,
You see, EDW does their Prom Court selection different
from most schools, One is chosen from each club.
However, my nephew was chosen by his Senior class,
to represent the EDW class of 2016.
What an honor! He was not Prom King but to us,
he has always been that special to us,
my sis, his granny sent pics of him singing and
dancing to the dance required after announcing Prom King
and Queen "MY GIRL"
Teared me up, it did!
His little sis, Lucy also had her 9th grade spring dance
and she was absolutely beautiful! Looking and
conducting herself so much like her Mommy.
I know the time in that Plaisance family is passing too 
fast for their parents but they have soooo much to be proud 
of and they are! I know before I know it, in a blink of an eye,
it will be our little girls, my grand girls celebrating these 
milestones. STOP TIME, STOP!!!!!
Then South Lafourche Prom, again on the same night.
The bestie's baby and her date were also so very 
gorgeous. Hard for me to see our little girl, Jess
growing into the most lovely teen.
No longer buying silly hats and all those things she loved.
She has been a trooper having just had her wisdom teeth pulled
the week before, she was beautiful! Her Juanaldo, cute
but needs to SMILE!!!! Lol love ya, Juanaldo, and Jess.
OMG, you were beautiful!
Adding this as I did not know my sweet great niece, Abby
also attended SL Prom!  Would have loved to see that
beauty all ready for prom with a lucky young man
having her on his arm! Sorry I didn't mention before
I thought Abby girl was in Hawaii!!!
Love ya, Ab!
South Lafourche had many children I knew going to Prom
but I can't mention them all. I, though cannot
forget my pen pal, Joshua, although he graduated last year
and now works at the center, he was invited by one of his friends
and I do believe he actually had two girls to tag team him
in the dancing department. His pictures were just soon
perfect. Facebook is full of kids I know as well as their parents,
some my age, still doing Prom! Be Still My Heart!
Then Thibodaux Proms.....
So many of these Jrs. and Seniors were my kiddo's when I
was school nursing! 
I just can't name them all! Yet, everyone of them beautiful and
making me miss my job of school nursing as well as
watching them grow making me want to cry.
I do have to mention my Elise! 
Not enough space to explain our relationship.
How many times our lives have crossed, how
close I remain to her, her sister and her parents.
She was absolutely stunning!!!!
Like my nostalgia didn't already have me feeling
like crying but her Mom sent me copies of
her graduation photos.
Some of them being her in her Dorothy costume as
she played D a few weeks again her school play.
(sorry can't find pics on this darn computer)
Bean and I attended and bought her a cute
chain that said "There is no place like Home"
with red shoe pendant and a handmade card
filled with love words she always expects from me.
What I did not expect was there in her bunches of
graduation pictures taken by Myra Rouge
was one with her in her Dorothy costume
holding the chain we bought her and the love note
and card I made her.... sniff sniff.
Gosh how I love all these children,
those I spoke of and those I have not....
Prom 2016 is over and again,
I pray all made it home safely.


  1. Congratulations Hugh!!! We are so proud of you! Glad Jess is feeling better. Abby went to prom too.

    1. Oh I didn't know!!! didn't see pics!!

  2. As I read your blogs I am touched at how special you are to so many young people. You share yourself with so many and touch their lives in ways they will always remember. I am so glad to call you friend! :)