Sunday, January 15, 2012

Abby the dancing queen

This little girl, Abby is very special to many of us.
Oh, but is she growing up to be a character.
I visited with her and her Mommy and Daddy last
Saturday and we played and had lots of conversation.
Aside from her going in my car, finding my bra
that I had brought with a change of clothes,
and sporting it around her house for her
mommy and daddy to see,
she also explained to me the reason she
no longer goes to dancing.
You see, the dance teacher evidently did not
understand Abby's importance to her class.
She was not only there to learn but to teach.
Her Mommy shares that Abby didn't want
to go back because the teacher would not let her
Abby then proceeded to show me all she knew.
Oh, Ms. Ethel, you have missed out on lots
of knowledge and a true gem right here!

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