Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a New Year!

Right before the holidays I was betrayed by a friend.
I will not go into detail about it so don't ask
any questions but it knocked me up just a little bit.
So when the holidays came I was really having to make
conscious decisions to let it go and put it aside and
be happy for the holidays.
I thank God for allowing me to do just that and I had
a wonderful holiday.
I am glad I did this as I was talking to another friend
and she was talking about how she is miserable and
depressed most of her days.
I thought to myself,
"Well, I am not miserable, I am happy most of the time"
I listened and was thankful that I, most of the time,
am a very happy and content person.
Which brings me to the title
I am finally accepting of the fact that I will not be
returning to work and even that is a positive for me
this morning as I sit and type this.
The vacation was something I needed.
I have come back with a different state of mind
remembering that I, and no one else, can control
what I think and feel.
So for this year, I choose to be happy and content.
I will not live my life trying to please others but
to make happiness for myself and in doing so
that happiness will benefit those I love the most.
Last night, I sat in my scrap room and did what I do
every year, wrote down my resolutions.
Most years I don't get through January and they
are already broken. This year though those
resolutions are about personal growth.
In the last few months I have allowed pain
to control my life.
Now that I have pain management and have taken control
of that, I need to get back to my basics.
Every day I will sit in that wonderful scrap room
and journal, scrap, blog, something that my personal
self will benefit from.
There is something about entering that room that
gets me energized, makes me want to create.
I also need to get back to my God.
The one I still pray to but have lost a bit in all of this
stuff that I have called my life.
I have missed many Sunday masses and that is one thing
that keeps me grounded, happy and positive.
I need to get back to my Alanon meetings, another thing
I have neglected due to my own issues.
Yet I know that I must give back to those who are suffering.
These are just a few as I will not bore you readers to tears
on all those things that I have written.
Think about your new year, every day we wake up and
how much we have to be thankful for.
Don't let your days be filled with a whole lot of nothing.
I know that my mind set has changed
over the holidays about work, shoot I have worked for
30 years, it's time to enjoy some different kind of living.
I hope 2012 will be the year that finds myself and HOBL
a lake house.... that would be FANTASTIC!!!!
Prayers for our Kelli as she is having her tonsils out this
morning, actually pray that Baby girl is a good nurse to her....

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  1. It is a new year - full of excitement - and love - and joy and new possibilities for us - I look forward to fun and laughter with you my friend!