Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Weird Sisters

I know I have mentioned before that I am in a
facebook book club thanks to my friend, Lea.
This month we are reading
THE WEIRD SISTERS by Eleanor Brown
It is the first full book I read on my Ipad and
I am loving it.
This book has hit home on so many levels for me
coming at a time when not every day has been
very good. I am, right now, filled with
so many emotions about my future,
If I am doing the right thing, Will my HOBL
continue to be supportive through this thing called
our life. I know in my head that this is silly thoughts.
Yet, when making life decisions, it can rack you.
So, back to the book.
This book has had so many lines and quotes that
I have highlighted.
Last night I read:
"How old were you when you first realized that your parents
were human? That they were not omnipotent, that what
they said did not, in fact, go, they had dreams
and feelings and scars? Or have you not realized that yet?
Do you still call your parents and have a one-sided
conversation with them, child to parent,
not adult to adult?"
I became teary-eyed when I read this.
My note I added was,
"Oh how I wish I could"
At major life altering times like what I am experiencing now,
It is my daddy I want, my daddy who I could ask advice
from and would make me feel better.
I know I am blessed to still have my Momma,
but she is not the momma that she had been in my
growing up years. She is more child-like.
Us siblings, more like her parent now.
How, last night I longed to be young again,
to be 20 again when my daddy was still alive
and would have supported any decision his baby
girl had made.
Today's lesson?
Love your parents, take advantage of the fact that
you can still call them and ask advice if needed.
That they are human, that they have
"have dreams and feelings and scars"
I have never missed my parents so much as I do today.

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