Saturday, January 7, 2012

A birthday party to monitor

After leaving Kd and the bean yesterday I decided
to go home through Baton Rouge.
I am doing a talk today for a confirmation class and
wanted something to wear.
As I got something to eat at the Mall of Louisiana,
I noticed a birthday party being set up right
there in the food court near the carousel.
You know I had to position myself where I could monitor
this party.
There is a lot you can either find out or imagine in your
mind when people watching.
This party was going to be a treat for me,
entertainment as I ate.
The birthday boy must have been about 4,
all his little friends were 4 and under.
I noted the grandparents, I could tell which
ones they were, you know the ones
who wave each time the carousel made a loop,
no matter how many times it went around.
Grandpa was also the photographer,
yes, he snapped a picture each time the Birthday boy
came around.
Now 4 year old children are a treat to watch.
Two of the little boys held hands and just ran around
screaming, "Zac, Zac, Zac" over and over.
Another little boy held his little hands on his
cheeks trying to cup his lips as he too
screamed "Zac"
Zac must have been the birthday boy, funny thing is
he was right with them.
There was this one little girl in the bunch of these boys.
She wasn't particularly pretty.
Yet when she smiled, she could melt a heart.
She sat there right by her mommy who had
another baby strapped to her, such the little lady.
I thought, that for sure, will not be our Bean...
There were many young mommy's there.
Some with another baby attached, some pregnant
at this time. It made me happy to see so many young Mommy's'
staying home to raise their babies.
A treat right there for me.
It was a good day!

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