Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Each morning, as I drink my coffee, I scan the net,
read articles that interest me,
catch up on the facebook life,
then decide whether or not I have
a blog to write.
This morning as I scan the net,
I read a post of a friend who forwarded this above
blog to others.
I am appalled by what I read.
A young child, who needs a kidney transplant,
is denied because she is also mentally handicapped.
In today's world, this is happening?
It makes me sick to my stomach...
A drug addict who is still using can get a new
liver because they shot their own by abusing drugs
but this little angel, who adds so much to her parents lives,
is denied what she deserves.
Even her parents own kidney that they plan to donate
if they are matches, will be denied to her in this hospital.
I have seen with my own eyes, what the mentally challenged
can add to our lives.
They hold down jobs, they beat many odds,
how can a medical team decide who can and cannot live...
Thankfully she was born to parents who will not
give up her fight.
I plan on following this story to the end...
(not sure why the above link did not attach you to
the story, seems as though you may have to type in the site
to read:

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  1. Lil that is such a sad story about the angle who needs a kidney god will take care of her and that is a good thing and those who denied her god will take care of them also amen love mone