Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The wonder years

I Have had a few days of laying low.
My bestie and I share a love for movies,
like going to the movies without her and her girls
just lacks something,
She told me about netflix.
Now I was not stranger to netflix,
the old stuff when they mailed you all the DVD's you wanted
in a month for 19.99.
Yet she told me that for the Ipad I could get a months
free membership and just watch whatever I wanted
just by clicking on it.
So on one of my down days with boredom,
I downloaded the APP.
It is magnificent!
I can't tell you all I have watched in the last week.
Last night I found all the episodes of THE WONDER YEARS.
You remember, the weekly show based in 1968
with Fred Savage.
It has always been one of my favorite.
Last night I begin watching from season one, episode one.
Fred Savage, in love with WInnie Cooper, the
episode where her brother dies in Vietnam,
I must have seen it a dozen of times but last
night I find myself watching everything about the episode.
Such as the kitchen, the decorations, the cars
everything that takes me back to being a child in
the 60's. It really was the wonder years back in
the 60's. It was a perfect time to grow up,
when you played outside until the street lights came on.
Throwing an apple in the cafeteria got you in the
principal's office and your parents came to school because
of it. Love, love, love netflix.
I do believe I will be keeping it after the month is up
for 8 bucks a month!


  1. I might need to check that out!

  2. hey sis how do i get all these movies help me please love mone

  3. hey taunt... on your computer google netflix then do the free month sign up process. then, viola, they will have every movie you can imagine! even the oldies and all the old elvis movies. After the month it is 8 dollars a month. Just click on the movie you want to see and it starts playing, it is fantastic!