Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

The bean is now 10 months old today.
Ten months since our lives have become transformed.
Ten months since I have become a Mumsie...
She was born on the 13th and one of the things
we talked about was that throughout her life,
there will be years that her birthday falls on
Friday the 13th.
Such as today, her 10 month birthday on Friday the 13th.
No unluck can come to this little girl.
She has come to change our minds, the mindset
that bad luck comes on Friday the 13th...
Only good surrounds our bean
Happy FRiday the 13th and
Happy birthday bean,
Mumsie loves you big, big!


  1. Hi Lilly!
    If I am doing the math correctly, your little Bean and I have the same birthday...Mar 13th??

  2. Yes! That is her birthday! I didn't realize that was your birthdaynalso

  3. I LOVE tis girl! Friday the 13th MY FOOT!!!