Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A few weeks ago, at a public function,
I found myself, for the first time, defending
my baby girls' way of life.
Not only her way of life but defending all gays
and their rights, to be accepted, to be acknowledged.
HOBL and I were sitting down, conversing with
another couple, when the wife began to
speak of someone who she knew who was gay
and raising a family.
Right away I spoke up and let her know,
"My daughter is gay"
I said it loudly, I said it proudly, I did not hesitate.
She, right away, apologized if she had offended me
in any way. She had not and I told her so.
Explained, I wanted her to know before she did say
something that she may regret after the fact.
She is a very educated woman as is her husband.
She never did offend me even when she spoke openly
about how she was not sure how she would feel if
one of her children were homosexual.
Her husband, however, seemed offended by her
as he made the comment,
"You know, the way I love my children right now,
I know that I would be very accepting, I love
them unconditionally, those are our children"
I could tell this married couple had never discussed
this issue in reference to their own children.
I shared with them a statement my daughter made
to us when she told us she was gay.
She knew we would be accepting, loving,
but she said,
"You know mom, so many parents say they love their
children unconditionally but really they don't"
Her statement way back when is what had me
speak up right away to this couple with
much confidence. You see, because I do love
she and her brother unconditionally.
I am accepting of any relationship she is in
as long as it is a healthy, loving relationship
free from drugs and abuse.
She is my child and as I told BB not long ago
when he tried to explain to me how much he loves the Bean,
"I know how much you love her, because I still love you and
your sister that way, it never changes, it never goes away"
Such a proud mother.... very, very proud!


  1. Every child should have a parent as loving and understanding as you and Ronnie. Love is love, it has no boundaries.

  2. you go girl! Thank you


  3. I know that love, too. Proud of you, my friend!