Saturday, October 26, 2013

a new friend, a soul mate, forever and a day

A few weeks ago as I walked down the aisles of 
Thibodaux Big Lots,
an attractive woman approached me and was excited,
"Lilbit! I read your blog! I know your Bean, I have
a Bean, I saw Gypsy baby  the other day and wanted
to introduce myself but she would have thought I was crazy1"
Although the first time I officially met her was when she showed
up at my doorstep a few days after our Gina B. died with
a treat and much comfort to me, since that day we had not crossed paths.
I knew her sister through a wonderful email she puts out,
from Facebook as well as she being cousins to my pal,
Patricia. but the one bond we had was our Gina B. and
my blog.
 We talked for some time, myself and this
new friend, Becky Maggio right there at Big Lots.
Becky also throws an open invite to me,
shares how I just have to come to her old farmhouse
that she and her hubby, Vincent, known as Pappa to most,
put much blood, sweat and tears into.
There is one thing I don't forget and that is an invite
to your home. Since that day we began texting as
well as emailing each other, getting closer through these
conversations. A new found friendship made.
One thing I never forget, that is the phrase,
"You have to come to my house"
I will harass you until I get there.
Such was the case with Becky Maggio.
Yesterday I had to go to Thib. to bring the dogs
so I worked out a visit with my new pal.
From the minute I walked into her magnificent home.
I was gawking, trying not to drag my chin to floor.
It is a phenomenal home, full of things I love,
that I would love to incorporate in my home.
I share that I do believe we may have the same soul.
I know we will be friends for a long, long time.
Looking at her is looking at a part of me.
One thing that struck me in such a touching way
is the small lighted tree she has in her bedroom.
It is like the one I have in my attic, just a tad bit smaller.
I get the idea that I believe I will begin to leave mines out
year long as she does. She is proud to tell me
that is her gratitude tree.
Gratitude tree? I am intrigued....
there on her small lighted tree
is many pictures and small tags, full of writings
by her. All is written on those tags, those things
she is thankful for. I take a closer view
but feel like I am intruding to read her soul there.
I want that. I want a gratitude tree,
a place to put all those things I am thankful for,
a place to remember all I love when the days get rough.
a very special woman, this Becky is and I am so glad
we have found each other and have sealed the
friendship into something more.
We sit, along with Pappa on her back screened porch
and drink our coffee and share things about our lives.
I am so glad I kind of invited myself to her home
and I now know we will be friends forever.
Thanks again, Becky and Pappa for having me,
for being my friends.


  1. How wonderful to meet someone with a kindred spirit! :)

  2. I am so happy that you finally got to visit with my sweet sister, Becky! Isn't her home amazing? She is the ultimate decorator and I only wish I had her talents!! Her house just screams warm and welcoming! I love her dearly...and Papa too! Hopefully the 3 of us can visit one day soon!!!

  3. yes mona it was a wonderful visit wish could have stayed longer