Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Love, so many deminsions

So, I people watch, my followers know that.
It stretches to all parts of my life.
Yesterday, while stopped at a red light, 
I do my thing. To my left, I view through
sunglasses an older gentleman driving.
His face is happy, smiling, he is in love with 
the woman who sits beside him.
He talks, listens then laughs. I speculate
that the woman must be his wife.
It makes my heart happy to see that if it
is his wife, he is still so in love with her.
He glows when looking at her, when listening to her.
Then the woman beside him turns her head in
laughter, to my direction
 and I realize the love he has 
is not for a wife, but for an adult child.
A child with all the classic features of a woman/child
with Downs Syndrome.
The beautiful almond shaped eyes,
the small mouth with the slightly protruding tongue.
She is beautiful and her Daddy knows it.
His love for her is so obvious, unconditional.
I think of a few of my friends who have adult children
with disabilities, their worries and fears.
I also see this father, with the love of his life sitting
beside him on a fall morning, happy at a red light
knowing what love is and that this child has given
him more than what she has taken from him.
He probably worries about his age and who
will take care of his dear daughter when he is too
old to do it. However, he also knows she will be with
him until the end of his time or her time.
 Yet, this morning, just enjoying the moment.
I admire parents of handicapped adult children but I
also know they encompass a love that us others
will never know.
A fine Tuesday morning it was.

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  1. They give you a love in your heart that you never knew was there. They are so truthful with there speech and very loving people. I am proud to have one in my family so that part of my heart can love him so much.