Friday, October 11, 2013

Shock factor dying

It is another sad, sad day in the US of A.
Another day that a precious child dies
to the hands of a man/woman who is
supposed to love and protect them.
When things like this begin to happen
so often that it does not even have the
impact of shocking us anymore, well
it's so darn sad. 
Police have confirmed that the 2-year-old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has died.
The boy, whose name was not released per the family's request, was believed to have suffered injuries from an alleged assault by a man the boy's mother was dating. The child was in critical care at a South Dakota hospital before his death.
Joseph Patterson, 27, who police say was taking care of the child, has been arrested in connection with the death. Patterson was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery of an infant, and his bond was set for $750,000.

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Adrian Peterson (USA Today Sports)
Peterson returned to the team's facilities Friday from South Dakota after missing Thursday's practice. He issued a short statement prior to the announcement of the boy's death.
"I should start off by saying I really appreciate all the support that I've been receiving from fans, the Vikings organization," Peterson said. "This is a private matter and I would ask you all to please just respect my privacy and not ask at all about the situation at hand. Thanks."
Nelson Peterson, Peterson's father, confirmed to the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the child was Adrian Peterson's son.
A marriage, it is supposed to be forever, better or worse,
yet there are those circumstances where they must end.
As Dr. Phil often says,
"A child would rather be from a broken home than live in one."
Abuse, neglect, and addiction; whether it be drugs, alcohol,
sex, gambling, these are reasons for a marriage to end.
My opinion anyway.
If any of these things can be resolved between two,
then hard work should be given to the marriage.
However, there will be the ones that just cannot be fixed.
Two people have to be committed.
Not always the case.
So there it is, the marriage ends.
What responsibility still belongs?
Women need to be strong, independent,
putting their children first, They can have all the love
and relationships after the child is an adult.
Yes, it is a lonely life because we all crave adult companionship
but I don't think another adult should have the right
to rule anothers' child.
My opinion of course, My blog, my thoughts,
my rights.
There are two women who I admire much for
what they have done as single mothers.
One is my niece, Tiffany.
Her marriage had to end and she found herself 
as the primary parent. She may have dated a little,
yet never, not once did she allow a man to 
discipline her child. She waited and prayed for
this child for so long. She would not let any other man
come between her and her main job which is raising
this wonderful child. I know there are times where she must be 
lonely, especially now that Tedi-girl is a Jr. in high school
and has more of a life of her own.
Instead of allowing herself to get caught into a relationship
that may not have been good for TEdi, she challenged herself
to becoming better herself. To becoming an RN from
her LPN standing. She and TEdi should graduate about
the same time. She will still have plenty time to have
relationships after TEdi is on her own.
She also is making sure that if it comes, good
but she will never have to be in a relationship, being
able to support herself. A hero, she is, to me.
Then there is my godchild, Ricky's mom, Allie.
She too found herself a single parent.
Unlike Tiffany, she had no help from his Dad in raising
Rick. I know it was not easy. She would try and date,
find herself in a situation where the relationship began 
to interfere with what was best for Rick and she let it go.
She cried to me often about this.
I would tell her, one day there will be time for you,
time for love you deserve but right now, your job
has to be for Rick. She agreed, listened and
once Rick was grown, she found the love of her life,
the cheese to her macaroni, the ying to her yang.
Brian and she are so happy and Rick?
Well, with his mother always putting him first,
he now is a grown man, in the Navy protecting our
Let's hope that women like these two become the norm.
That women can become independent feeling like
they do not need a man nor a relationship to be whole.
That a woman can always put the child first
and stop abuse and death by the hands of a person
who had no right to even be in their life.


  1. Awe sweet Lilly thanks so much for the love, support & friendship. Also for being Ricks godmother. Yes it was worth the wait & I don't regret a thing. Our children are a gift from God & they come first as a single parent you have a long time to live your life after your child is raised. Yes I am blessed with a wonderful husband, family & friends. Love you Lilly.

  2. Ok, now that I can reply, I will. (my computer was giving me trouble)
    Thank you Lil, your support means EVERYTHING. Although I've made mistakes (sometimes daily mistakes) I know that God did not bless me with this child to mess up further. Therefore, SHE had to be my primary priority. If she wouldn't have been then shed be a lost soul, and I love her too much to allow that to happen. As for being lonely at times, sure that happens, but, to me, that is just one negative emotion and bringing someone else into my life could (possibly) have an abundance of negative implications. It was a CHOICE to always put Tedi first. I know, right now, she doesn't see it, but I know, one day, she will understand just how much LOVE went into this decision.
    Without your love and support this path would have EVEN that much more difficult!! Love ya!!!

  3. Allie and Tiff, I admire you both so much! Our kids should always come first and you both have remarkable children!