Sunday, October 27, 2013


Yesterday, the beautiful ring, the beautiful couple. 
 Kris and gypsy baby
 halloween a few years ago
(two mommy's with their two babies)
MY sis, C and her hubster, Ted
have two sweet and grown sons.
So much alike and yet so much different....
Arthur is marrying Amanda in a few short weeks
and we all were wondering, when Kris, the younger son
would pop the question to his long standing and 
wonderful girlfriend, Kaylee.
We have all speculated and some of us also thought
he would beat his brother to the altar.
Kris, though, he is the sweet soul type.
He may have wanted to ask Kaylee to share
their life together before his brother and many times since.
In true Kris fashion he would not have done that
so as not to take away the limelight from his brother
and his soon to be sis in law.
Then, yesterday, he had already made plans to
take Kaylee's two very best friends ring shopping.
Yes, you heard it right, he and her two best friends.
He knew no one would be able to pick out her
beautiful ring better than her two besties.
We learn later that he, having asked her father
for her hand,  also planned for her Mom to take her for the day.
from what I hear, when she and her mom returned 
from shopping he was in a suit. with a ring. 
on the knee.
This is our romantic Kris.
We. his family who have known and loved him
from the first day he became ours knows 
just how lucky Kaylee is.
Kris, however, is also not lacking on the winning
factor. Kaylee is a gem and will be nothing but a wonderful
companion and the best Mommy to any children they are blessed with.
Both are from parents whose marriages have withstood the 
test of time and because of that, they know it is what they
also want.
Kaylee has an old soul and everyone wants her as a maid of honor
because of all the love and care she gives to the bride 
and the occasion. I sure hope all those, remember that
and spoil her to the hilt as no one deserves it more.
Now, for me to speak of my dear, dear Kris.
He and gypsy, being only 8 months apart they
not only were each others first friends,
but also were best friends and inseparable while growing up.
To the point that some believed they were siblings instead 
of cousins. They were only happy when each weekend was
spent together. I am close to al my nieces and nephews,
but the relationship with Kris was somewhat different
as he did feel like a third child to me in many ways.
Always a sweet child, he grew up as a very responsible young man
but not so grown up that he forgot how to play like a child.
He and Kaylee are always having some type of fun together.
I am blessed to be his Auntie Lil.
Now to officially become Kaylee's auntie also is making me
smile big, big!
Another wedding in the family and then hoping for my sis,
many little "sugar babies"
in their future.
Love you both, my surrogate son, Kris
and his soon to be beautiful bride, Kaylee.
Sister, C and her new daughter in law to be


  1. Congratulations to an awesome couple!!!

  2. Dolly (Mother of the Bride) hahaOctober 28, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    Well said Aunt Lil!! We could not love Kris anymore if he would have been our own child! Todd and I are so blessed to have our children find amazing partners to share their lives together. And Our lil Man Avery is the icing on the cake!

  3. Yep, and I told Kris and Kaylee they need get this wedding business done so they can make some sugar babies for you grandparents... lol