Thursday, October 3, 2013

not accepting should be unacceptable...

 (what is there not to love)
 (all my girls)

Since Gypsy baby came out to share with
us all that she is gay, I am shocked by the amount
of family and parents who are not accepting of
their childs' gender. 
It was only a few months ago that I have added
Gypsy's grown up life into my motivational testimonies
to teens. Since then, not one talk goes by that
a child does not ask to share with me that he/she is 
also gay. I also have come into contact with other teens
that say they are not accepted as being gay by their parents
and family.
I don't get it, I don't understand it,
it makes me sad, it makes me angry.
My gypsy baby being gay is compared here
to her brother being left handed. It was not 
a chosen thing, it is her.
To accept my children no matter what is my job as their Mother.
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of
meeting the finest young man as he acted.
I shared with him after just how great he did
and he thanked me and explained that his parents
were not invited to this presentation as they would
not have understood his part he played, nor
are they acceptable of his being gay.
I could cry when I hear stories like this.
It's like I want to shake each of these adults
who "doesn't allow their child to be gay"
I wonder, if they knew they only had one day,
one 24 hour period, and then their child would
be gone, would that change their mind, their actions?
It has happened to a fine family I know of.
Refusing to be accepting
 of his lifestyle, they buried their child
without ever being able to accept who he was.
Today, while surfing the net, I find this
letter of a Daddy to his grown child
in reference to his grandson. Wish I could meet him,
wish I could hug him, I only hope that my gypsy baby
feels that I love her this much also and will forever
not only accept her but be willing to be an advocate
for her as a gay woman and to all those other gay people
in the world.

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  1. Beautiful Lil!!! So true!!! We love Jesi!!!