Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the pride of grown children

Our job as parents,
HOBL and I,  was not to coddle them
but to teach them how to care for themselves,
how to give them wings, to be independent.
Then they grow into adults and I beam with pride.
I am so glad we are able to see them as adults
and to now be able to share adult things with them.
Gypsy has always made me proud and
I have written about it here before, how
she is one who has never suffered from low self esteem
and in a new relationship, working at a new
job and making me so proud.
Such is also the case right now with Baby Boy.
Not only is he about to become a Daddy again
but ground has broken on the new home that
he and Kd have designed.
He and I met there this afternoon, just he and I,
and he walked me through the plan.
He is a grown up and yet I am thrust back into a 
period of time when I was the Momma, he the young son
and he was eager to show a new accomplishment to me.
He is calm and yet, i hear it, the remote pride in his
voice. I too am beaming, what a man he has become,
to be 28 years old and he, along with is beautiful wife,
building their own home.
He is a "hands on" daddy and I am so so proud.
I know I have had a hand in the two adults who
now stand before me and sometimes I just could cry
as to just how proud I am of the both of them.
I can die tonight and know that my life, my calling
I have done very well.
Of course, I don't plan on going anywhere tonight,
I mean we have another pookie to have fun with!

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  1. Your kids are terrific people!!!