Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Not sure my words will give this story enough justice as
words are not enough to describe the miracle the
new Long life has shown us all.
About 20 years ago, when working for Dr. Pitre
she being anew physician, and I her nurse,
(calm down HIPPA, have permission from Andre and Dr. P.)
two sweet and beautiful little girls came into her office.
They were only a year apart, as close as siblings could be
and the youngest had grown so much compared to her
beautiful older sister.
Although big sis, Andre' was 5, she looked to be the younger
one compared to her 4 year old sister, Emily.
Dr. Pitre, being the wonderful doc she is right away
inquired about Andre's small stature and always having
a cough. Her Mom, Robbin shared that she had been seen
by many doctors in the past but all assured she was just petite.
Dr. Pitre disagreed and suggested a sweat test to be done
to rule out Cystic Fibrosis. I saw her Mothers face,
saw the worry in her eyes, I scheduled the appointment.
A few days later, the diagnosis came in,
our little pediatric patient had Cystic Fibrosis.
I remember the day she and her parents came
in for the results. Dr. Pitre's office was full of patients
and yet each time I opened the door to call another patient in,
it was the Pitre's I saw, Robbin I could not make eye contact with.
She and I have spoken of that day many times since.
I knew if I made eye contact with her,  I would break down.
Robbin shared, that my lack of being to make eye contact
assured her that her baby girl had CF.
Finally, it was time to call in the Pitre's.
I escorted Jed and Robbin into DR. P. office
and I took sweet Andre' with me.
She sat on my lap, I showed her how to draw a few things.
I smelled her hair, smelling like baby shampoo and tried
not to cry, I said silent prayers while she sat with me.
Surprisingly, aside from that very day, her parents
took her home, did all they had to do to keep her healthy 
and refused to think nor dwell on all that may become 
of their little daughters life.
Throughout her childhood, she and I were close as
she would let no one else give her shots, draw her blood.
I was honored in that position. Such a brave little girl,
such a trooper, such a sweetie.
A few years later, we became their back yard neighbors.
Gypsy was a little younger but every once in 
a while there were play dates.
to pretend that her little life, her parents lives, her sisters lives
were perfect would be wrong.
There were many many times that they feared for Andre's life.
There were many times she was hospitalized, some of those times
on a ventilator and not sure if she would pull through.
I always admired them because only positive thoughts lived
in their lives. Whether her parents held each other and cried
themselves to sleep will be known by none but themselves.
They were determined to bring both their girls believing
that all things were within their reach.
Where many Cystic Fibrosis children would be overprotected
and coddled, Pitre Parents left nothing out of their grasp.
Andre' danced when they said she would not.
she excelled at everything she touched with her family always
cheering her on. She continued to add years to her life,
to do all that others said she never would.
Was on dance team at her high school, 
went and worked hard for a degree at her family's most
prized college, LSU.
As would follow most young women, she fell in love 
with a most special young man, Brian Long.
I have not met this young man but if Andre' loves him, then 
he is a special man. She and her sister, Em continued to 
live their lives very similar. When Em fell in love and became 
engaged, so did Andre'. Their weddings were so close together
but their daddy would give them each what their heart desired,
it is the kind of daddy he is.
Then, after both weddings, came the next part in most newly married
couples experience. Pregnancy, pregnancy for her baby sister, Emily.
This was the one thing that many said Andre' would never experience,
the thought that she would get pregnant would be almost impossible,
carrying a baby to term would be a detriment to Andre's health,
to carry to term very hard to do.
I know I was not the only one who was silently sad that this would
be the one aspect her sister would experience that Andre' would not.
However, I should have learned this over the many years,
don't tell Andre' she can't do something as not only will she do
it but will do it perfect ally. Not long after Emily, Andre' announced she
too was pregnant. It was hard to be ecstatic about it as if you know
anything about CF, you know what complications can come with 
pregnancy, the worst being the loss of the Mommy who suffers with CF.
I followed Andre' closely throughout the pregnancy, began sending her
private messages just letting her know how I was praying and wishing all
to be well. Emilee gave birth to her beautiful baby daughter, Haylee and
they anxiously hoped for a full term baby for Andre', a
new cousin for Haylee.
The Long's decided on not knowing the gender of their baby.
When all were saying it would be better for Andre' to have a section,
she wanted to go into labor on her own, have her baby 
as most others do. I was just so excited and praying
when I got a PM from Andre' herself that she was not only in 
active labor but 8 cm. dilated. I mean how many Mommies
are in labor and private messaging at 8 cm???
Finally, the wait was over for all, a beautiful
baby boy born, Brayson Long.
A perfect and beautiful little baby.
My hero today?
His very own Mommy, Andre'
As I ask, this morning, for permission to post a beautiful 
miracle, her words to me were,
I am so very proud to have known this child, this family since
the day their whole lives changed back on the day they 
first heard the words "Cystic Fibrosis"
Andre' had never strayed from her belief of living a most 
beautiful life.
Forever, this little boy must know how special he is,
that many thought he never would be. How much
his Daddy loves his Mommy and probably had to keep
his worries of possibly loosing his wife and child yet
standing by his beautiful bride, supporting her in any decisions she
chose This morning, he has not only a wonderful wife, 
but a little boy to add to his list of miracles.
Happy Mothers Day, sweet Andre'
and not to make light her sisters sweet pregnancy and baby girl,
Happy Mommy's day to you also, Emily.
As Andre' said to me when discussing how close the babies
will be in age, she shared,
"It's going to be like Em and I all over again"
Well almost, as a boy in this story....
Love to you all, Pitre's!

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  1. Awesome!!! God is soooo good!!! Beautiful family!!!