Sunday, October 13, 2013

When did this happen????

 When did this little bitty baby.....

 Become this beautiful, intelligent, lovely young woman????
This Weekend, is our time together.
It has been a few years since we were able to spend one on one
time with each other. 
I honestly thought she was at the age where is is the last thing
she wanted to do, spend time with her Old Aunt Lil.
How wrong was I!
A few weeks ago, when speaking with her Dad, I spoke of 
how I miss our time together as we at one time lived in the
same neighborhood. He shared that she was patiently waiting to be
invited again to aunt Lil's.
That set the wheels in motion for this fall break visit.
Wow! what a girl.
Once a quiet, mellow child, she is now a teenager
with lots to say and not afraid to put who she is out there.
There is magic that happens in my scraproom.
As I and those I love work on projects, talk goes on
and I am able to find out more of what someone is made
of than if we were just sitting around.
Abby has grown into a teenager who has strong opinions
on her beliefs and she blows my mind at the maturity she
displays. She talks.... a lot.... like me....
and yet the conversations is always interesting and deep.
Where have the years gone, when did this beautiful child
go from being a little munchkin in a witch outfit to 
a teen with thoughts on the brink of becoming an adult.
As we talk and share about love, family, boys,
relationships, sad times, happy times,
I just want to get on my phone and text to her parents
just how special this girl is, yet, I don't.
Instead, I spend our 6 hours, yes! 6 hours scrapping,
playing, talking, and it is as though no time has passed
since the last visit years ago.
She assures me that she will always have time for her
ol' Aunt Lil....
I silently pray that is true.
An amazing young woman,
it is my Abby Claire Dupierre.

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  1. Awww, Lil, thank you so much!!! We love her dearly and we truly appreciate you having her over to spend time with you!!!