Wednesday, March 5, 2014


It is Ash Wednesday for us Catholics out there.
Time to get our Jesus on.
A time to reawaken all those New Years Resolutions
we have already broken.
Time to reflect on my relationship with the Big Man.
Time to try making a few if not all the Way of the Cross.
This is the very first time, in my 50 years of living that
I will not receive ashes without having a Mommy to
either remind me or come with me.
A big deal in Mommy Minta's world.
Also a big deal in my world.
I am hoping that this Lenten season I can find myself
with a closer relationship to my God and my Faith
as I have felt somewhat lost this past year.
Never have I ever remembered a time in my life
that I think and "inside question"
what is life after this.
Sometimes consumes my thoughts, comes to me in dreams.
It has been this way since Mommy died.
The thought of never seeing her again in the next life
just has me feeling so sad some days.
My promise to myself is to work hard during my 
Lenten season, one of my favorite times of the year.
As I walk up the aisle to the altar of
my Catholic Church, I will remember all the years
in the past, also the ones when I held my Mommy's hand
as a child to have the black cross placed on my head.
Remember the days as a teen when I was embarrassed to
have this marking on my forehead and tried to wipe it off
without the Mommy seeing as she always insisted it was
to fade off all on its own.
This day, I will wear my mark proudly for all those to see,
I am a Catholic, I believe He died for me, for us all.

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