Thursday, March 6, 2014

FLOW magazine

My friend AshMarie, well she is (gunna use her word)
Whenever she posts something I take note because,
we like lots of the same things.
Funny that she is young enough to be my child,
we have a friendship I treasure.
So she and her Boo, her hubby took a trip to 
Houston to get out of the hustle and bustle of Mardi Gras.
She posts on her IG account a piece of this magazine
and I know I just have to have it.
Okay, I know I get excited about simple things so
somehow after church my car was going in the direction
of Barnes and Noble. It knows the way.
I text AshMarie to find out where I should find this mag
and before she answers me, I spot it, right there in the
craft magazines. Just the craft paper texture gets me excited.
A little pricey for a mag at $22.50 
But one look at the cover, a flip through the inside and you
know it is worth it.
I am almost sure they wrote this issue for me...
An article on the health of being comfortable alone.
A whole article explaining exactly how I feel about 
being comfortable with yourself, enjoying your own company.
Then this one… TO READ A BOOK
Really?? two articles written to my heart, 
to my inner self? 
The article is great and again, It's like FLOW
looked into my soul and wrote this.
The pictures are beautiful, it's full of free paper things,
things so wonderful that they could be framed, as is, and
be a masterpiece.
It stands by a title of FLOW, Magazine for paper lovers.
Being a paper lover can mean many things as this issue suggests,
I am one of those.
Their articles are about things that I didn't even know I was curious about
and now, have me feeling like I am so knowledgeable on things
that probably no one else cares about, but I do.
For instance, an article about Maria Sibylla Merian.
Never heard the name, right? Me either.
She died in 1717 so how would we know about her if not for FLOW
and yet, what she did for us is phenomenal.
She painted but also was the one who found out by studying
them, that every ugly caterpillar metamorphosis into a beautiful
butterfly. Yes, I know, useless stuff but interesting to me.
She was a wonderful artist and the magazine has some
of her more famous paintings.
You just have to get it, splurge on yourself,
try not to over think the purchase as I did
(I always wonder after I am gone, will anyone love my things?)
and buy it. IF you are a lover of different, a lover of paper
and all things related, this is a magazine you must check out.
Thanks my Ash… Once again, you have
made me a happy happy lady.

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  1. Hey. Have you seen the Flow Book??? I bought a copy today. Where do you buy Flow? I've found a single copy at Barnes & Noble but no more until I bought the book today.

    Okay. That said I'm going to read your post now. :)