Saturday, March 15, 2014


"I hate to bother you…."
"I didn't ask you to help because I know you have so much to do…"
" I didn't tell you because I'm such a bother.."
We all hear these things, I hear them often.
Shoot, I have even said them myself.
On those times when you are afraid to ask for help,
or someone sees you struggling and they asks what they
can do to help, spill it, let them help.
Just this weekend, in conversation
I offered my help anytime and before I could get the
sentence out, her head was shaking no.
It happened again yesterday when speaking to someone I 
love dearly, asked her why she didn't tell me what we were speaking
of earlier and she said she didn't want to bother me.
If you are that person, that person so full of pride that it is
hard to ask for help, I share this thought for contemplation….
Maybe the one who can help you is the one who 
really needs to help. Sometimes, your need is more
for the other one who gets great gratitude in helping 
someone who truly needs it. As I explain this over the wknd,
I think I had my love look at it differently.
"You know sometimes we who offer the help needs to do that,
for us to do God's work, to be a disciple."
She then shakes her head yes. Well, that makes sense.
Sometimes we want to do His work, but we are not
sure who needs it. If you ask, that gives us the opportunity to help.
My favorite line to those I love, first I ask them to make a deal 
with me then,
"If you promise to ask if you need something, I promise to 
say no if I can't help."
This week a high school friends' son had a tragedy happen.
First he lost his precious daughter, now his son and his
family  has lost all they own. In both instances my friend
and his wife, have seen the silver lining. His daughter left
this world but left behind a child for them to love, 
His son and his family lost all their material possessions 
but escaped the fire with all of their lives.
Still, the "Monkey on their back", "the devil"
needs to leave them. I had an opportunity to help here,
to do what God would want me to do. I sent a small contribution.
My friend said I didn't have to but the were going to be humble
and accept because it was really needed. 
In his acceptance, I was a disciple.
Long story to explain one simple statement.
If you need help, ask, the world is full of people who want 
to help. If they can't help they will tell you no, or at
least I will….

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