Friday, March 7, 2014


I have been waiting for this weekend even before
I knew the actual date this wonderful woman
was coming to Thibodaux, to my former church,
to St.Genevieve.
The fact that I get to experience this retreat,
the first weekend of Lenten season, with my niece,
Rebecca is like icing on my cake…
Well, really the banana filling on my cake as 
I like that better.
I have blogged about this most special woman months
ago as my friend, Patricia has a friend who works for 
Immaculee' the author. Patricia was able to get me
a signed copy of this book and I cannot wait to hear
her witness. For me, this experience would 
be compared to my sister, C seeing Michael Jackson
or Elton John on the richter scale.
Then there is this other thing that I am really excited about…
Spending the night with the Plaisance clan, specifically 
sharing a bedroom with Lucy tonight.
Hoping we talk late into the night about silly stuff.

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