Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Each year for the last 10, 
I have made my own Christmas cards. They
are lots of work and each year I think
I am going to do away with them and
just have them printed at Walmart but I just
can't do it. This year, I decided on a photo shoot
with the Tuts and Bean Saturday when we had
our sleepover. OH what an adventure:

 So I brought props, Bean loved that.
She helped me put up the little tree, picked out her
outfit and Tuts diaper cover.
She also picked out her hairstyle, which was 
No brush-wet braided then unbraided
 dry curly look.
She picked out Beans head band too.
Our first idea was to have them reading a book.
But in picture one, you see Bean really got into reading
the book and Tuts wanted to go to bed.
Oh-oh... maybe too close to her bedtime.
We persisted, Bean and I while Tuts went from her 
fingers to the book itself to eat.
 Then Bean tried to reason with tuts,
"Look at Mumsie"
as Tuts had other ideas, like bed....
 My second idea was to get tuts interested in pinecones.
"Mums that is not safe its going to pick her little belly"
No amount of reassuring that I was not going to let her
get hurt or put it in her mouth, Bean was not 
having it. Hence, the look in the picture below,
trying to take the pinecone away while I was not looking...
hahahah look at her face, like I couldn't see her.
Note the blue flower also now added to Tuts headband.
Yeah, that was Beans idea too, she has
such fashion sense.

 So, because the pinecones made her so nervous I decided
we would take them away.
Which made Tuts extremely upset. Our 
next idea was to wrap Christmas lights,
but Tuts was still screaming about the pine cone
so Bean thought giving her a few tight kisses might help....
 As you can see, it didn't help Tuts much.
Surely put Bean's mind at ease, Tuts dreaming of pine cones....
and bed.          
 My next idea was to try and get Tuts to pull Beans hair
like she always does so Bean was the best sport ever!
Trying to get her baby sister to grab her hair and pull
so Mumsie could capture one funny image for her
Christmas card.
Of all the times Tuts grabs that hair and pulls,
that night, I guess because she had permission,
she was a no-go. 
 Finally after about 90 snaps looking through the lens,
I did get a few good ones and landed up with two 
I could not decide from so am using both
this year.
Finally, Tuts just could not go anymore,
when she puts those fingers in her mouth like her
Daddy did sooo many years ago.
I gave her a bottle while I rocked her to sleep.
She was out in 10  minutes.
 I put Tuts down for her sweet dreams to
find Bean sitting in her room, waiting for me.
Look at the look of accomplishment on her face.
Oh to be three again.
I was more like Tuts, ready to go down,
Bean had other ideas,
"Mumsie now we can start our sleepover!"
....and that we did.

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