Tuesday, November 11, 2014

first things fiirst..

Some say I think too much, 
some say I need to learn how to shut off the brain.
I can't. So tonight, I know I want to blag about the 
wonderful family reunion that I had the privilege
to be part of but my head is also blowing up about
Oprah's book... because I do believe she wrote MY BOOK,
You know, the one I always am working on, 
that i journal and journal and journal for...
then she writes MY BOOK....
OKAY, that is tomorrow's blog....
Saturday, oh Saturday, how I loved you!
Tiffany, Bean and I left early and headed 
to Lacombe, a two hour drive well worth it
to see all my dad's family that were there.
So heartwarming, to watch my grandchild
play with cousins, my own Dad's ancestors.
Pictures tell so much and I will post many 
but I felt him, I felt my Daddy there.
When I looked into my cousin Emel's face,
I saw my dad's face, his dad's face.
I felt my Nannie, Daddy's sister, Aunt Nan TaTa.
Buddy and Geneva were there and there families
so I knew she was there. Geez, I miss her....
Then there were all those others not there,
Uncle Joe, Aunt Mae Mae's husband.
My dear Uncle Red who loved me in a way
different from some. He knew I was spoiled,
probably thought growing up, I could have used a few
spankings but never, ever did he say a word, just squinted
those eyes, and smoked that cigarette with my dad and 
smiled. He and my Aunt GaGald kids,
Bert, Fay, Dela gave us the best party ever, I cannot
thank them enough. It was also a celebration,
celebration that Fay is cancer free and our reason
for the party. Her granddaughter surprised her saying
she could not make the party and did so anyway.
Her Mom, Stephanie, still as beautiful as ever.
There were just so many people, so many stories to 
be talked of but will end it with saying,
it was great, amazing, passed to fast, and having Bean
with me made it even better.
Thanks to Fay and Billy and all who did the hard work
for having us all.

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