Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When the time comes...

First and foremost, I want to put this out there.
This is not a whining/complaining blog.
I am living in a beautiful home until it sells,
and Ron is making sure it is maintained and bills
are paid until it sells. 
This blog is about my future home, the one I am going
to have once this sells, the one I can decorate as I please
and the ideas I have. Yes, sometimes I get impatient to
the fact that I feel stagnate, unable to have my own
space to "live in" but in time, as Ron says,
the home will sell and I will get my chance.
With that said, I am always surfing the net, magazines
for ideas for my next place.
This morning, I see this"
An old upright radio redone to add to this home, the
back of it actually is a wine bottle holder.
My home will be filled with this kind of things,
I want to decorate so that when you walk in, you will
think, "Lilly lives here"
Now in search of an old radio....
Isn't it a beauty???

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