Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's that day again, seems like it was just here...
yet here it is again,
the day we take time to relax and celebrate with the ones
we love, we give thanks for all our good things in our
world, our life. 
This has been on hell of a year for me and my babies
and yet, today, I am so very very thankful for the
way things are coming together for us all.
Ronnie and I are finding us getting past the shock 
of separation, to a place of being civil to now working on
being friends. I say this without meaning to put him down,
but it took us figuring out the marriage could not work to
find us both happy again. And I am happy. I won't lie,
there are days that nostalgia cloud my thinking, my eyes,
and I may shed a tear or two, but I look at our two
grown children and know, we were not perfect parents,
far from it, but we have raised two independent wonderful
adults who give back to society.
 Then there are the two grand babies, two beautiful little girls
who call me Mumsie.
I swear to this blog and all those I love,
I would give up everything to have these girls.
When Bean puts her arms around me when she
is almost asleep and in her sleepiness she says,
"I love you Mumsie" 
I feel all that is right in the world and there is a lot right.
There is a lot not right but today,
all is right.
 Then there is Tuts, oh our Tuts..
can any baby be more laid back, sweeter 
than our Tuts? Bean was the first, but Tuts
being second, well she is the type of baby that goes
with the flow. when I rock her to sleep and she slides
the same two fingers in her mouth from her left hand,
just like her Daddy, I am transformed back to a time,
29 years back when her Daddy did the same on the 
same shoulder. she is such a blessing.
 I am thankful for the days I get to see Bean and Tuts
together, playing. What Bean will do to entertain her
sister is amazing. I forget sometimes that she is just 
3 1/2, not 4 until March. She has the sense of most adults
and is so overprotective of "her baby"
While reading to her the other night, there was a little
girl in the book and she said,
"Mumsie, I wish she was my sister"
I explained that Tuts won't be little for much longer,
that soon she will be like her, a little girl just like
the little girl in the book.
"and we can sleep together?"
Yes, my sweet child, you and Tuts will spend many nights
sneaking into each others beds.
This reminded me of my own two. Every Christmas eve
until I think Baby boy was 16, he and Gypsy landed
up in each others beds, I often wonder the secrets they shared
on that special night. Maybe I should have made them
go into their own beds so they could fall asleep faster so 
Santa could come and Mommy could go to bed,
but I didn't. Because even then, I knew whatever they were
talking about was necessary for their relationship.
Today, they remain close as adults.
I am thankful I didn't interrupt those nights....
Last but not least, I am thankful for all
my friends and family, especially my sisters who have
gotten me through some rough patches this year.
I can't name them all and the good thing about true
friends and family, you don't have to repay them because
they and you all know that their time is coming that
they will need you and I will be here.
A special thanks that my besties are mines.
That my dear Ann has her Moody for hopefully many years
to come, that he overcame an illness that almost made my Ann
a widow.
and my Laurie.... I cannot even begin to explain what she has
been to me these last few months, not only does she listen
to all my single girl issues, but she gives good advice
and loves me no matter what. She shares her girls with me
and how I love those girls. 

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