Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kayla Mueler, Kayla Mueler....

Maybe before the last few days you had never
heard the name
Today her name, her family, her friends are all
over the news.
For what you may ask?
Well for what she has done and died for, once again,
our freedom. A few blogs ago, I told
of American Sniper, how some did not feel like
they were hero's and I did.
Now, it comes to light, had an American Sniper been
sent into Islam, maybe Kayla Mueller,
a peace activist would be coming home alive
rather than in a box.
So today, I seek out, who is Kayla Mueler?
Yes, she was a humanitarian who devoted her life to
Not just for us Americans but for all those around the world.
Yet she was so much more.
She was the 26 year old daughter of
Carl and Marsha Mueller.
I think of my own children, about the same age.
She graduated from Northern Arizona University
in 2009, finishing in only 2 1/2 years.
After that, all her time and energy went to humanitarian
For her, it seems, this in America, was just not enough.
She went to Islam to give peace, hope. to those who
never had that life being communist company.
Then the unimaginable. caught and held hostage
for over a year when she was killed.
We will never know all that was done by the
US of A to attempt to free her outside of her parents
but they believe our government did all they could.
For these hurting, grieving parents to be able to say this
we need to be proud of our state.
Lets not forget this child,
Her death has not been in vain.
She was a humanitarian fighting for peace,
but she was also so much more than that.
she was a little girl of two grieving parents.
May our prayers go to them also.

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