Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Not the kind you get to bring home of course.
Let me go back and explain.....
The last few months, my niece and I, Tiffy have
spent much time together.
She has helped me through some bad times,
we have had some awesome times together.
She says the same of me. 
So, last month she surprised me with
a hotel night and a ticket to the

 I knew her and TEdi girl had been before and she had
spoken about it often as she love Christian music.
I didn't know many of the bands but I knew
and I was excited to see them.
It was an awesome time, awesome concert,
perfect for lenten season.
 Then right before intermission, the spokesman who
helps put on the concert, spoke of the poverty in
our world. He not only asked for help with so many children
who go to bed hungry with no chance of an education, better life,
then he went a step further than the infomercials you see
on TV most Sunday mornings.
He explains how before he decided to "adopt"one of these
children by giving a monthly contribution,
he wanted to see for himself where this organization used
this money.
He then showed a video of one of these children who were helped
by this organization.
There on the big screen, a healthy looking teenager
was asked if he could speak to his American family who
adopted him when he was just a little child, what would he say.
His words were deep,
he spoke of because of this family he went to school,
never went to bed hungry.
Not only that but he had been able to write to this family,
and for years, they had communicated.
I knew this adoption company was legit.
Yet, I am not at the time where I can give 40 dollars
a month. I then have a great idea.
I turn to Tiffy and say,
"lets adopt a child together?"
"Yes!" she said.
Each of us could afford a mere 20  dollars a month.
So that we did.
We just let them pick a random child for us
as we believe we will get the child that we should help.
 Meet our child,
Don't let his bright colors fool you,
he is a boy.
Now today, we get to send him a picture of
us, a letter from us and begin the correspondence
with this child that we have committed to provide
for until his adult years.
We both have felt so good about this.
At one point on our way home,
I said to Tiffy,
Do you realize just what we have done?
this child will never go to bed hungry again,
our child will be able to go to school,
even a university if he chooses.
He will get his immunizations to protect him from
the disease that ravage his home in Africa.
No, we may never meet this child
but we will be able to communicate, send
pictures, letters.
We have changed the life of a child!
Yes, I am sure there are those that will feel like
this may be a scam, or why not help the children
here who are struggling.
None of that will deter me from feeling good 
about the 20 dollars a month I have committed to 
for this child. I spend more than 20 dollars a month 
on junk. So Tiffany and I, we adopted a child.


  1. Awesome! Our church here on the Gulf Coast is partnered with Compassion International. As a group we sponsor over 500 kids in Ghana. My child's name is Tetteh David. He is 6 yrs old and cute as a bug!! I encourage anyone who can afford to make a difference in the life of a child to do so. The reward of a sweet letter and a picture your smiling child makes it worth every penny!

  2. Thanks Cuz for answering! i didn't know you still followed here! we are so darn proud of ourselves, to make the diverence in the life of a child... well it's what we are supposed to do!
    Our Child is from Compassion International also!!!

  3. It makes my heart fill with love to be able to do this. This is my penance as I am in my last semester of school and working. I'm so proud of us!!