Thursday, February 5, 2015


It's been a wild year, not all good
but a year of change and contemplation. 
A year of sadness and happiness,
loosing my self and then finding myself again.
Last week I received a text from Baby boy.
I lol'd that one... sent back, somewhat normal?
Got that right. I was never the "normal momma"
I made many mistakes at the beginning of this
separation of thirty years of marriage.
Yet, I did the best I could in the situation. 
Almost a year later and I find myself knowing
I am going to be okay.
Independence, it is such a lovely thing.
My pal, Billy posted this and it puts in perspective
what my life has been like this year.
I have not been this happy in a long time,
our God, he wants us to be happy, joyous, and free.
I know today, that I am.
The fact that Ronnie and I are also finding our way
back to being civil and now friends again after
all that has happened is only because of much hard
work on my part and forgiveness.
I don't want to lie. I still have my moments that I long
for the life we lived before this mess took our lives.
But all in all, I love the life I am building.
One thing a Collins cannot do is stay down for long.
As my cousin Faye, right now is doing.
Having took all the treatments for a lung cancer,
now she is struggling with after effects of Chemo and radiation.
First her spine began to crumble, and she had to 
have back surgery to stabilize that, like I did.
She never showed to us, depression, never
felt like she was not going to be a okay.
then at her follow up visit this week,
she found that the vertebrae below the surgery 
had now crumbled and she has to have more surgeries.
You would think this news would throw her over the
edge. But what does she say to big sis, Veronica?
Tell the sisters, Meaning us,
I will be fine, but I need those prayers again.
As soon as I feel better I want you all to visit.
That right there is the Collins tenacity, aint nothing
going to keep us down.
IF you have a few minutes in your day,
pray for my cousin as she prepares for this surgery.
Can't keep a Collins down!

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